How Much Does a Bricklayer Earn?

A bricklayer performs an essential role on any construction site. Once the foundations are in place the walls will start to go up, and this is where the bricklayer will start his work. If you think this could be the role for you, you will want to know what kind of wages a bricklayer will earn in their daily role. How much does a bricklayer earn, and how long can it take to get to the top of the earnings ladder?

How Much Does a Bricklayer Earn?

Is it possible to start earning without any qualifications?

Yes you can become a bricklayer without a proper qualification, although this is not usually the chosen course. It is possible to start as a trainee or to get an apprenticeship if you can find one. In this case you can probably expect to get around £15,000 per annum.

How much does a bricklayer earn when they have passed their qualifications and are properly qualified for the job?

At this stage you can expect to get as much as £23,000 per annum for the job. However it depends on where you work and who you are working for. This is the upper end of the pay scale when you start as a qualified bricklayer – you might find your earnings are around £16,000 at the lower end. You might earn anything in between these figures.

Does experience allow you to earn more?

Very definitely, yes – you can expect to get more for doing the job when you have gained more experience in the role. Bricklayers who have been doing the job for years will very likely earn as much as £32,000 per year. Again this does depend on the part of the country you are living in and how long you have been working, but it is the top figure to shoot for.

What about overtime? Does this pay more?

Yes it will. Many jobs provide the opportunity to work longer hours, perhaps to ensure the job gets done on time. If you work overtime or weekends you can expect to be paid more for your time, which can bump up your overall earnings a bit more.

What about working in a self employed capacity?

Many people want to know ‘how much does a bricklayer earn’ when working for himself. This is a good question, since you have control over your career if you are in this position. Some bricklayers will specialise in certain areas, i.e. they will get experience in renovations or restorations. They might also specialise in creating particular brick made structures. If this is the case they can charge more for their services and thus open the door to an even better income in the future.