How Much Does a Travel Agent Earn?

If you are considering whether or not to become a travel agent one of your primary concerns may be the potential earnings. Like most jobs travel agents have varying wages depending upon a number of key factors. The wages for a travel agent fluctuate according to experience, job title, niche and location.

The starting wage for a new travel agent will be in the region of £12k per annum. However if you are working in a major city you can expect an additional weighting on top of this. If you work in a niche,  say for example Travel to India, and you have some experience of the niche you will be able to command a higher wage. Also those with previous experience in the field will be remunerated better.

How Much Does a Travel Agent Earn?


The best money you can earn as an employed travel agent is when you reach a management position. Most travel agent managers will receive wages in the region of £30k plus.  It is worth bearing in mind that a percentage of your earnings will be from commission.

Being a travel agent usually relies heavily on your sales ability and as such the better your ability to sell your product the higher your potential wage could be.

How much does a travel agent earn?

If you desire to make significant amounts of money from the travel business then you should look in to opening your own travel agency. This is not as complicated as it may have been years ago thanks in part to the growth of holiday bookings online.

You can easily within a matter of weeks set up your own online travel agents and be making money.

As a self-employed travel agent you can pick and choose your hours and will enjoy work flexibility. However, it can take some time to build your agency up to a level where it provides you with a good income.

There is also the risk that you could not be as successful as you might have hoped and you could run in to financial difficulties. So, as you can see the wages for a travel agent range from just over £10k per annum right through to  six figures.

One important thing to bear in mind if you wish to become a travel agent is that you should not enter the profession simply because of the potential financial rewards. You must have  a passion for travel.  Your passion will shine through and enable you to become a great travel agent.