How Much is a Teacher’s Salary?

Salary is an important consideration in any career. Teaching offers great opportunities to get ahead and forge a successful career. It also offers good pay opportunities whether you have qualified yet or not.

How Much is a Teacher's Salary?

What do trainee teachers get paid?

It depends on the school and area you are in. Some trainees can be employed while they are gaining their teaching qualifications. In this case they may be paid as if they were already qualified, whereas other areas might see the trainees receiving payment according to unqualified status.

According to current figures this can range between £15,817 and £29,088. The actual amount will depend on where you are on the pay scale and whether you work in London or not.

What is a teacher’s salary when you have qualified?

The figures change every year, but currently they range from between £21,588 and £36,387. Again the actual amount received will rest on whether you work in inner London, outer London or elsewhere. There are also six scale points to a teacher’s salary. The amount you receive goes up according to where you are on the scale. Number six has the highest pay amount, with number one the least.

Can you earn more if you become more experienced or you climb the ladder?

Yes there are opportunities to earn more money with a teacher’s salary. The most obvious route to higher pay comes from being a deputy head or a head teacher. But this brings with it more responsibilities too, so you must consider whether this is the path you want to take.

Again there are several scale points in use here – eight to be exact. They also overlap slightly, so you may be anywhere in the range depending on your skills, abilities and experience. The lowest salary according to the chart is £42,379, while it can go all the way up to £112,181 for a head teacher working in an inner London school.

Are there opportunities to earn a higher income as a teacher before being promoted?

Yes there are. There are two types of teaching positions that are open to those teachers who demonstrate particularly good skills. These are Advanced Skills Teachers and Excellent Skills Teachers. If you can attain one of these positions you will be paid according to a separate pay scale.

As you can see there are many opportunities to develop your pay packet once you start training as a teacher. A teacher’s salary is a reward for the job done, and as such you will be paid more if you demonstrate extra skills or advance in your career.

The more information you have about teaching salaries, the easier it will be to find out what you could be paid, not to mention how you can further your career and earn more in the future.