How should I promote my personal hairdressing service?

If you are looking into becoming a self-employed hairdresser or are currently a mobile hairdresser you will soon discover that the key factor to your businesses success or failure is promotion. The way you market your service will directly impact your profits.

Without the perfect marketing strategy your business will struggle. 

Follow the tips below and discover fresh ways to attract new clients (the life blood of any business) and secure your long-term finances.

How should I promote my personal hairdressing service?

How to promote your hairdressing service – Tip 1

Firstly you should consider using tried and tested methods of attracting new clients.

Traditional methods such as newspaper advertising, leaflet drops, signs in newsagent windows are all great ways to spread the word about your mobile hairdressing service. You should also consider advertising in directories such as the Yellow Pages and Thomson Local. The great thing about advertising in a local directory is that, although only published annually, you can usually spread the cost by paying by monthly direct debit.

The size of advert you choose in any of the afore-mentioned publications is entirely up to you, however analyse your competition and opt for something that is at least equal to their adverts. The traditional methods of advertising are all well and good, however with the advent of internet search engines and the popularity of mobile devices with built in web browsers the effectiveness of traditional adverts is gradually on the wane. For this reason it essential that as part of your advertising budget that you include a small sum for internet based marketing.

How to promote your hairdressing service – Tip 2

In order to take advantage of the increase in business the internet can bring you, firstly you will need to invest in a website. You can find web designers who will create a 5 page basic site for your hairdressing service from as little as £99. Or if you are a little more internet savvy you can create your own site.

Once you have your own website the next thing to do is set up a Google Adwords account. Adwords are the adverts that appear at the top and to the right hand side of all Google searches. These are paid for adverts, but not in the traditional sense. You only pay for the advert when someone clicks on it (pay per click).

Using this method you can set a budget for how much you would like pay for each click through to your site and you can set daily spending limits so you will never exceed your budget. What’s more the customers who click your advert are looking for the service that you offer meaning a much higher conversion rate when compared to other advertising methods.

Once you have a website you can also take advantage of Facebook and Twitter to drive more customers to your site.

How to promote your hairdressing service – Tip 3

Another thing which you may consider to help advertise your hairdressing service is having your vehicle sign written.

With your car sign written you will be promoting your service everywhere you go. Get your service name and telephone number put on to your car and see the new customers flood in. Sometimes people are reluctant (especially when starting a business) to spend a large sum of their start up budget on marketing, mistakenly they feel that they get nothing tangible at the end of the process, whereas when they purchase hair dressing tools for example they have an asset. This view is misguided. More often than not the amount you invest into marketing your mobile hairdressing service relates directly to higher profits. By following these steps to market your service and you will find that you will receive a steady stream of new clients.

Always ensure that you monitor the response to your marketing activities so that you know exactly which methods are working for you. This will enable you to eventually reduce your marketing budget and still get better results.

Also, importantly you should look after the clients that you already have. If your customer turnover is low, in the long run you will not have to keep finding as many new clients.  

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be expensive

If you are looking to start your own hairdressing service it need not be expensive.

The chance are that you already own most of the equipment needed to cut and style hair from your training days.
Promoting your business need not be expensive either.
Start by letting your friends and family know about the service that you offer and let hem spread the word for you. (You could even offer some complimentary treatments to your acquaintances in order to promote your service).
Also ensure that you make the most of the internet. As mentioned in the article getting a basic website designed can be relatively inexpensive, plus setting up Facebook and Twitter business accounts is free and can potentially expose you to thousands more clients.