How to Become a Teaching Assistant

Taking on the role of teaching assistant can be a highly rewarding thing to do. If you have an affinity with children and you want to play a part in their development without becoming a teacher, this role is the next best thing. But before you apply it is worth finding out how to become a teaching assistant.

This will ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of success.

How to Become a Teaching Assistant

Do you need qualifications to get the job?

It is very important to realise that you must have good English and Maths skills to get this job. Remember that you will be helping children to learn, so you must be good at numeracy and literacy.

Good grades in GCSE English and Maths are essential. It may also help to have good grades in other subjects such as the sciences or history for example.

This is particularly worth noting if you have a passion for a particular subject that may prove useful in your future teaching assistant career.

What about a formal recognised qualification or diploma?

There is no particular qualification or diploma you must get to successfully take on this role. But there are many courses available that will give you a good grounding in how to become a teaching assistant, so it is wise to take one of them if you can.

It may take longer to get the job you want because you will need to take time to study, but you should find that you will be able to get the job far more easily than you would otherwise.

One final point here – make sure you look for an accredited course on becoming a teaching assistant. This will ensure you finish it with a recognised qualification rather than simply a piece of paper that doesn’t recognise the gravity of your achievement.

How do you find teaching assistant jobs?

The best way to find these positions is to look locally. If you have children it may be worth asking at their school to see if there are any positions available. This method is good because they will already know you and be familiar with you as a person and a parent.

You may also like to look online to see if there are any positions available in your local area. Try the usual job sites to see what you can find and remember to upload your CV too. You can also elect to receive emails alerting you to local jobs when they become available.

In either case the sooner you apply for positions when they become open, the better it will be.

You will need perseverance and determination if you want to know how to become a teaching assistant. It is always best to make sure you have the best possible qualifications so you are more appealing as a candidate than your competitors will be. But if you have the right skills and demeanour you stand an excellent chance of becoming a teaching assistant in the near future.