How to become an ADI

What is an ADI?

ADI is an abbreviation of Approved Driving Instructor. In order to become a driving instructor you must first pass your approved driving instructor test. Once complete you will be free to teach people to drive as part of a driving school or you can establish your own driving instructor service/school.

How to become an ADI

How do I become an ADI?

To become an approved driving instructor (ADI) you must fist undertake ADI training.

The training comprises a mixture of theoretical and practical lessons.

There are many organisations across the United Kingdom that offer approved driving instructor training. Some providers solely offer training whereas others will train you with the intention of offering you a job within their driving school on completion of the approved driving instructor tests.

Some of the theoretical training can be carried out remotely allowing you to train in your own time and around your other commitments. Once you have completed the training you will be tested.

The approved driving instructor test is split in to three sections. The first part of the test is theory. The theory test includes two parts: a multiple choice paper and a hazard perception test. Once you have completed the theory test you can progress to the second part of the ADI test which will examine your driving ability.

To pass this section you will have to display a high level of driving competency and display your knowledge of vehicle safety. During the driving test you are allowed to make up to six minor driving faults any more than this (or 1 or more major faults) and you will fail the test and have to retake it at a later date.

The last part of the ADI qualifying exam is the instructional ability test. This section looks in to your ability to pass on your knowledge and provide effective instruction. This part of the ADI test may be taken a maximum of three times and must be taken within two years of you passing part1 (theory) of the ADI.

It is therefore essential that you are well prepared for this section of the ADI test.

How much does it cost to become an ADI?

The cost varies depending upon which provider you choose.

Some providers will subsidise your training if you commit to working for their driving school for a certain period of time after you become a fully qualified ADI. Other providers simply provide training. It is also possible to receive most of your theory training from an online service and then you can find an already qualified instructor to teach you the practical aspects of the test.

What other skills do I need to become an ADI (Driving Instructor)?

To be an effective driving instructor you will need certain personality traits in addition to the formal qualifications required. You should be a good communicator. Your ability to pass on your experience and knowledge to your pupils will make a big difference in your pass rate and therefore your reputation.

You should also be prepared to work long (and sometimes unsociable) hours. As a driving instructor you will have to fit your schedule in around your clients.