How to get a job as a web designer

Many people are looking to web design as a way of gaining a career that is future proof.  A web site is essential for any business whether they operate online or are a traditional bricks and mortar business. The advantages of having a well designed website are numerous. With the advent of mobile browsing the demand for web designers is ever growing.

So, if you want to enter this growing industry and gain a job as a web designer you have several options available to you.

How to get a job as a web designer

How to get a job as a web designer – Option 1

Firstly, you could work for a design house. There are many large web and graphic design companies around who employ a wide range of web design professionals including coders, graphic designers and developers. 

Working for a design house you will get to put your skills to use on a wide range of clients websites. Projects will range from web site redesigns and updates through to creating company site and brands from scratch.

The work you perform will be varied and depending on the size of the design house you may get to apply your skill to not only web design but also graphic design and development.

How to get a job as a web designer – Option 2

Secondly, you could work for a company who have an in-house design team. Many large businesses have large websites to match (this applies especially to ecommerce sites).  Rather than pay a design agency to take care of their site they directly employ a team of web designers.

Working as part of an in-house design team you will spend a majority of your time working on only one website, therefore a large part of your time will involve adding content to the existing website and maybe every year or two you may get to overhaul and redesign the website.

How to get a job as a web designer – Option 3

A third option for those looking to get a job as a web designer is to opt for the self-employed / freelance route.  There are many smaller businesses and start-ups who cannot afford to employ a design house or have their own in-house department. As such you can offer a complete web design service and make a good living doing so.

Working as a self-employed web designer you will get to choose exactly which projects you take on and if you have a particular niche you can even charge a premium.  However as with all self-employed positions you will have to find your own work and will not enjoy the benefits of employment such a sick and holiday pay.

However the flexibility of the self employed lifestyle is more than enough to outweigh the disadvantages for many people. In conclusion if you wish to get a job as a web designer and have the necessary training and experience you have a wide array of options available.