Interested In Becoming A Banker – Here Are The Facts

Banks are an everyday need in today’s financial world. How well the economy is doing is directly related to how reliable the banking system is. Banks provide many services including: borrowing and lending of money, many types of accounts, and provide a safe place for you valuables and money. An essential part of making a bank run smooth is the work of the banker.

Interested In Becoming A Banker - Here Are The Facts

So what exactly does a banker do?

Bankers provide many differentservices to their customers. They are responsible for initial setup things, such as opening an account, whether it is checking or savings, or cd’s, and other money handling procedures. They oversee such services as lines of credit, deposits, investment accounts, and much more. They help customers with all their banking needs and questions regarding their accounts, while helping them maintain their accounts.

Usually bankers focus on one of two areas, personal banking, helping individual customers, or commercial banking, helping provide banking service to businesses. Good customer skills are a must, as they form a relationship with their customers.

Bankers look for new ways and sales to bring customers into the bank, and encouraging them to deposit and open accounts. They have a great sense of community, and network to look for sales and drive in business to their bank. So what sort of training does one need to work in a bank? Most bankers have just school qualifcations such as GCSE’s or A-levels. Management, financial and business positions usually require a degree in business administration or similar.

The first thing banks look for are individuals with excellent communication skills as well as math skills. Other than normal schooling, bankers also have on the job training, to learn various procedures of that particular bank. Often times banks will promote within and offer a variety of ways to further your education if you so choose.

While some banks even offer their own training program as well. The forecast for banking jobs is good, especially in the area of financial services, who have good computer skills. For those leaving the field due to retirement or other reasons, they will all need to be replaced. If you enjoy handling other people’s money and feel qualified to give good financial advice, then this is a good career for you.

To be successful as a banker, you must really like to work with people, and have good customer service skills. Having good sales skills, motivation, and confidence are all a plus when seeking a banking job.