Software Engineer Careers

The title of software engineer is one of those that seem to explain everything and nothing all at the same time.

So in this article we shall explore how to become a software engineer and what to expect from this particular job role.

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What does a software engineer do?

Put simply, a software engineer creates applications and computer programs of all kinds.

In a sense it is a catch-all term that can cover all manner of different tasks. For example some software engineers write the code for games. Others create applications for use online and on websites.

However if you are thinking it is the same as programming, it is important to realise there is a crucial difference between the two. When you become a software engineer, you will typically work on large projects alongside other people. You won’t necessarily sit down and create a program on your own. Instead you will be part of a larger project. Let’s say for example a big project consists of ten separate parts that join together to form the whole. You would be responsible for one part, but you would still work with others to complete the entire thing.

Software Engineer Training

If you are thinking of becoming a software engineer, you would be correct in thinking you would need to get good software engineer training first. In fact this is one area where qualifications are very important as they will help you progress in this career.

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Do you need any particular qualifications at school level?

It does help to have good qualifications in English and maths, maths being the most important one in many senses. There is a good deal of mathematics involved in software engineering, so you must have better than average skills here otherwise you are likely to struggle later on. Furthermore since you will very likely need to get a degree in order to progress with your software engineer training, you should make sure you get good enough grades in maths and whatever else you take. This will help ensure you get a place on a degree course.

What degree course should you book onto?

There is no one specific degree course you should look at in this way. Indeed it makes sense to think about the direction of your career before you choose your course. This might sound backward but it actually makes good sense. There might be a specific area of software you have a passion for and an interest in. If this is the case, make sure you get a degree that relates to that passion.

What about practical experience?

It is definitely true to say practical experience counts for a lot in this career, just as qualifications do. If you can get any kind of experience as a software engineer before applying for the role for real, make sure you do so. Look for voluntary work if you can, and make sure you add it to your CV. It is not unusual for volunteers to excel in their work and end up being taken on by the company they volunteered for, so you can see it can bring opportunities as well.

Can you learn a lot about being a software engineer before you apply for jobs?

Yes you can, and indeed part of your software engineer training should be to explore the marketplace for these jobs prior to picking a degree course. You might ask why this is the case, but it will show you what qualifications and courses are often asked for by those looking to employ a software engineer.

You may find a particular position that would be ideal for you and which indicates the requirements and qualifications they are looking for. As you can see it is a good idea to learn about the training for this position before you embark on it for real.

The more you learn and understand about software engineers and what they do, the easier it will be to find your path in this career. There is a lot of information out there – reading some ‘day in the life’ stories from existing software engineers is another good way to get the information you need to train successfully for this position.

Software Engineer Jobs

If you are currently considering working towards becoming a software engineer, or you think this career could be good for you, you are probably interested in finding out more about the software engineer jobs that are available. That’s why we’ve written this article, so we can provide you with some more information on this very topic.

Software Engineer Jobs

Are there different levels of seniority available in this position?

There can be yes, but these will be indicated in the job title when it is advertised. For example a general position will usually be advertised as a software engineer. In contrast a more responsible position may be advertised as a senior software engineer. This will help you determine which positions are most suited to you at the beginning of your career (and later on, too).

It is worth noting that if you have designs on going into management positions as a software engineer, you would do well to get some kind of management qualification. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a degree, but it can help your progress up the ladder.

It might also help to seek out opportunities to take on more responsibility in this way, so you can develop your skills in other ways too.

What about mobile software engineers?

Yes this is another job role you may be interested in, working with mobile operating systems to create mobile applications of all kinds. Since there is a big future in mobile shopping, you are likely to see more of these jobs being advertised in the near future.

Generally speaking these positions will be advertised as such, so make sure you check the titles of the software engineer jobs if you have a desire to go into mobile software engineering.

Are software engineers required for specific programming tasks?

You will very often see adverts that call for a software engineer who will work with a particular code or type of computer language. A good example would be a C++ software engineer. Other examples include Embedded C software engineers, C# Net software engineers and Java developers. This means you can learn more about one particular programming language if one appeals to you more than another. Typical examples can include Linux, NoSQL, JavaEE, Unix and many more.

You will probably already know which languages appeal to you most. It is wise though to remember that many jobs will require you to use more than one language.

While you may excel at one in particular, you will very likely need to know several of them to be appealing to a particular employer. As you can see there are lots of varieties of software engineer jobs on the market today.

Experience counts for just as much as qualifications, and ideally you will have a good balance of both before you start applying for jobs. Even if you gain that experience through voluntary work or a temporary position, it will stand you in good stead later on when you come to apply for a full time position.