Kick Start Your Employability to Become a Flight Attendant

The aviation industry is highly competitive and difficult to stand a chance of landing the job. There are no entry requirements to get the job, as airlines provide the training to you, to ensure you’re up to standards. That said, with the enthusiasm that people have to get the job, allowing them to travel the world, you can set yourself apart from other applicants, giving you a better chance at landing the job of dreams, flying worldwide, and set yourself up for a highly rewarding career in the aviations industry.

Starting out as a flight attendant, lets you start in flight, and progress onto become a senior aircrew member, gaining a salary increase for the increased responsibility. From there, there are a number of jobs at ground level you could do in an airport, so it’s a career for life, provided you do a good job, and train towards gaining the skills needed to do a variety of jobs.

Kick Start Your Employability to Become a Flight Attendant

The Course that can help you get started as a flight attendant

  • Level 1 NVQ course: Exploring the Aviations Industry

This is exactly as it sounds, as it will give you the understanding of what it’s going to be like working in the aviations sector.

To employers, this can give them faith that they’d be selecting someone who knows what it’s going to take to work in this industry. That can be extremely advantageous as there are a number of people selected for training, put onto the job of a flight attendant, only to realise that they aren’t cut out for the role.

Having this certificate, gives employers confidence in your interest, as well as an understanding that you know the expectations that will be put on you. Once you’re started as a flight attendant, you may be asked to further train, but even if you’re not, there are courses available, to secure your career in aviation.

Securing your career as a flight attendant, ready for career progression

The course below can be done before you get a job as a flight attendant, but there could be the downfall of over qualifying yourself out of a job, if you’ve already gained the qualifications the airline will put you through. It is an option that you can decide for yourself, as you can always take the training course, and leave it off your CV, if you choose to go that route.

  • Level 2 Certificate/Diploma in Air Cabin Crew

The level 2 certificate takes your opportunities to a new level, as it’s giving you part of the training that employers will give you anyway. That will include:

  • The emergency procedure protocols
  • Handling health problems during flights, avoiding spread of infection
  • Preparing you for employment as a flight attendant
  • Educating you on the role each flight crew member plays and where you assist as an attendant
  • Training on safety and the security requirements

When you attend your interview, employers are going to be looking at the trainability factor you have which is assessed usually based on your GCSE grades. Having already completed the necessary training, it could give you that added edge, which you may even find yourself being tested on during the interview.

As you can see, you can take courses to gain the qualifications that help you into this career, but be sure that you at least go for a Level 1 Introductory course to aviation, as that will help you understand the career you’re interested in getting started with.