Nursery Assistant Jobs

If you like the idea of working with pre-school aged children and have a passion for high standards of care and are a good communicator then nursery assistant jobs may well be suitable for you.

Becoming a nursery assistant is certainly a worthwhile and useful job. The primary role of a nursery nurse assistant is to provide assistance to the nursery nurse in the day to day tasks of running a successful play and educational area for infants and young children.


Do you need qualifications to become a nursery assistant?

There are no mandatory qualifications in place for the role of a nursery assistant, but a reasonable standard to at least GCSE level would be expected from the majority of prospective employers and certain levels of literacy and numeracy would also be beneficial.

What type of nursery assistant jobs are there?

There are usually two types of environments that cater for this type of role.

A community or private nursery assistant.

The requirements of both types of job are exactly the same and include the planning of educational and fun activities on a daily basis and offering full support to the nursery nurse for locating materials and medical supplies as and when required.

As a nursery assistant you will have to be flexible in your approach to working hours, as nurseries usually operate twelve hour shift patterns to cater for the various different hours of their clients and the required supervision of the children. If you start at the basic level as a nursing assistant then, it would be a standard requirement to be supervised at all times, until you gain at least an NVQ in childcare at level two.

Being a nursing assistant is a good way to gain the experience required in working with children up to the age of five years and is an effective stepping stone in achieving a diploma in childcare and education at level three and becoming a fully qualified nursery nurse and gaining more responsibility and extra income in the future.

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