Nursery Nurse Careers

Are you looking for relevant information on gaining a career as a nursery nurse? Well hopefully the following information will give you a better understanding of this popular career path.

There is not one specific recognised entry qualification for wish to get nursery nurse careers. However, a prospective employer will expect you to have a reasonable standard of education and be able to communicate especially with young children as a minimum requirement. If you have undertake one of the nursery nurse NVQ courses available you will be in a much better position both when it comes to applying for jobs and also advancing your nursery nurse career.

Nursery Nurse Careers

It takes many people with differnt job roles to make a nursery run efficiently ranging from kitchen staff / cooks through to the nursery managers. For those looking to being their career as a nursery nurse there are normally two levels of jobs and qualifications to aim for in this field. Firstly as a nursery assistant or secondly as a nursery nurse. Both roles are hugely important to the running of a day nursery and to the welfare of the clients (children), and as such there’s an increasing demand for workers in both areas.

Nursery Nurse Careers – Nursery Assistant

Is the less demanding role of the two. As a nursery assistant you are expected to assist the nursery nurse in preparing and organising the required equipment and tools. Essentially as an assistant you will constantly offer a continuous helping hand to the nursery nurse to ensure the smooth running of the nursery.

You’ll be expected to complete the Children and Young People’s Workforce Certificate at level 2 which is a good launch pad to eventually move up the ladder and becoming a nursery nurse.

Nursery Nurse Careers – Nursery Nurse

This is the more responsible role of the two and you’ll play the part as a team leader to the young children in your care. You’ll be required to administer first aid as and when required and give the necessary instructions to your nursery assistant.

You would normally be expected to obtain the Children and Young People’s Workforce Diploma at level 3 or any equivalent qualification. This particular job is a good stepping stone and there are further qualifications available including the BTEC for Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families and would certainly be useful if you wanted to achieve the more senior position of nursery manager.

Working with children can be rewarding and the pay involved in this line of work is very reasonable. Anyone who wants to work in this particular area will have to be vetted and get clearance from the Criminal Records Bureau or CRB before you can begin working with children.