Nursery Nurse Courses

If you have a passion for caring for and looking after children then a career as a nursery nurse may be ideal for you.  However, to become a nursery nurse you must first gain some relevant qualifications that will allow you to apply for jobs in nursery schools. 

To gain qualifications you will have to attend nursery nurse courses. Before you start looking for a nursery nurse course you must ask yourself if you are cut out for a career working with children.

Nursery Nurse Courses

Do you have patience? 

Are you hard working and prepared to put in long hours working in an environment that often at the best of times can be described as “noisy”?

Are you willing to work as part of a team to provide care for children ranging in age from three months to five years old?

If so, then you can begin your search for nursery nurse courses. There are three recognised qualifications available that will qualify you for jobs in nurseries. Which one you choose to study is personal preference.

Ultimately which ever qualification you opt to gain you will learn more or less the same basic principles including: child development, health and safety, play techniques and baby care, to name but a few.

Nursery Nurse Courses – How long do they last?

Courses range in length but generally you can expect to spend up to two years learning on a full time basis.

Some courses require you to spend time in a nursery to gain some “hands on “experience. Alternatively you can begin working in a nursery as a trainee and attend a part-time college course.

Whichever route you choose eventually you will become a fully qualified nursery nurse.

A course that will qualify you to become a nursery nurse will take slightly longer than the equivalent course for nursery assistant, however once qualified you will be charge with more responsibility than a nursery assistant and therefore will be better compensated for your time.  So, if you want to become a nursery nurse and enjoy an emotionally and financially rewarding career you should enrol on a nursery nurse course.