Nursery Nurse Salary

If you are considering becoming a nursery nurse you may be wondering how much is a nursery nurse salary ?

Firstly it is important that remuneration is not your primary reason for becoming a nursery nurse.

Obviously fair financial reward for you time is important, but more importantly you should primarily be focused on providing a high level of care for the children that you are responsible for caring for.

Nursery Nurse Salary

When it comes to analysing nursery nurse salaries (as with most jobs) there is not one set figure. Nursery nurse wages vary according to many factors including your qualifications, experience, job responsibilities and job location to mention but a few.

Nursery Nurse Salary Info

Generally a trainee nursery nurse will earn between £10k and £12k per annum.

As you become more experienced and gain qualifications your wages should rise to between £15k and £18k.

Eventually once you have many years experience behind you, you may be offered a position as a nursery manager. This role involves much responsibility and is far more demanding than that of a nursery nurse and therefore will better rewarded. Nursery manages can earn between £25k and £35k per annum.

For those who are so inclined it is also possible (with enough experience) to establish your very own private day nursery. The rewards for owning your own nursery can be great, often in excess of £100k per annum, however you take on a great deal of responsibility and risk – the industry is very competitive and not all day nurseries make huge profits .

As you can see a nursery nurse salary can vary dramatically depending upon your individual circumstances.