Pastry Chef Jobs

A pastry chef is in charge of preparing baked goods including pastries and in particular desserts. The pastry chef is normally one of the station chefs within the kitchen however in large establishments the pastry chef may have their own kitchen or separate work area.

The pastry chef will usually prepare their dessert dishes in advance of the sitting and another station chef will plate the dishes at the time of order. A pastry chef may also be responsible for developing new recipes for the menu.

Pastry Chef Jobs

What do pastry chef jobs pay?

The pastry chef is a skilled position which requires experience and talent and as such there is always a demand for good pastry chefs. A demi pastry chef will start at about £15k per annum while a well experienced pastry chef can earn in excess of £30k per annum.

What skills do I need to be a pastry chef?

To be a pastry chef you will need to have undertaken some formal culinary training. You will normally have had to work your way up from commis chef to second station cook. As a pastry chef you will have to have a passion for baked foods.

You will need an eye for detail and a degree of patience. You will also have need to have a cool head to be able to cope with the pressure that is associated with a modern kitchen.

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