Personal Trainer Employment – What are my options?

Once you have qualified to become a personal trainer you will be free to embark on what could be a long a prosperous career that will offer you great flexibility.

The option available to you once you qualify are as follows, find employment with a gym or similar establishment, become a self employed instructor, run classes or undertake further training and enter career in the sports sciences field (or similar).

Personal Trainer Employment – What are my options?

Personal Trainer Employment – Option 1 – Work for a Gym

The most common step once you have achieved your personal training qualifications is to work for a gym or health club. This step will, in most cases involve you being directly employed by the gym or health club.

You will have specific hours to work. More often than not you will be paid a fixed amount for working at a gym and then you can earn extra cash by taking on individual personal training sessions with the gym’s clients. Depending on the rules of each establishment you may be able to use the premises for personal clients.

The advantage of working for a gym or health club is that you have guaranteed work. You may also enjoy other benefits of being an employee such as sick pay and holiday pay.

Personal Trainer Employment – Option 2 – Self Employed Instructor

This option offers true flexibility. You will be free to pick and choose clients and working hours and conditions.

Primarily you will be going to client’s houses / places of work and offering one on one training sessions. This can be quite lucrative especially in affluent areas, however it can take a considerable amount of time to build up an established client base and you will not have the benefit of sick and holiday pay. Also it is worth noting that you will have to fit in with your clients schedule and there may be occasions when you will work split shifts/days.

Personal Trainer Employment – Option 3 – Run Fitness Classes

This option can be pursued in addition to both the afore mentioned options above or can be pursued on its own as a part-time method of employment. There is a high demand for fitness classes, particularity in the evenings. These classes range from aerobics through to Zumba.

As a qualified instructor you can find a venue to run such classes and promote them yourself. This can be very rewarding in terms of remuneration if you consider that you can potentially have up to 30 clients paying up to £5 each for an hour’s exercise. Some sports centres and health clubs run fitness classes from special fitness studios within the premises. You can also teach these but you will be paid a flat fee for doing so and therefore is not as lucrative as finding your own venue.

Additional Careers

Once you have qualified as a fitness instructor and spend a few years practicing what you have learned in a working environment you may decide that you wish to progress your career further. You can do this in one of two ways.

Firstly you can move on to a management position within your gym/ sports establishment. As a manager you will be responsible for staffing, equipment maintenance and the general upkeep of the gym. This will bring both more responsibility and pay.

Secondly, you could undertake further training and take your career off in a different direction such as physiotherapy, sports scientist or nutritionist to name but a few examples. As you can see once you have qualified as a personal fitness instructor you have a wide range of personal trainer employment opportunities available to you.

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