Personal Trainer Income – How much can a personal trainer earn?

How much is a personal trainer income / salary? This question is a tough one to answer as there are so many variables. For instance the amount of remuneration that you may receive as a personal trainer will vary according to your qualifications, experience, location and job title.

Generally a personal trainer working for a gym or health club will earn £12k – £16k per annum. There may be potential to earn more through overtime, taking on private clients and running exercise classes away from the gym or health club. Those in management positions such as health and fitness manager can expect to earn between £23 and £30k per annum.

Personal Trainer Income - How much can a personal trainer earn?

Self-employed Personal Trainer Income

As a self employed personal trainer you will be free to set your prices according to your skill and the affluence of the area you plan to service, but generally you will charge approx £20 per hour. 

So 20 hours per week will earn you £400.

Remember that your expenses, tax and national insurance will be deducted from this figure. If you are running fitness classes you can potentially earn in excess of £100 for one hours work. This will depend on you establishing a large client base and getting between 20 and 30 people to attend your exercise / fitness class.

As you can see the income of a personal trainer is variable depending upon what exactly the nature of your job is. However it is clear that there is plenty of potential to earn a good living from being a personal fitness instructor, in most instances though, people's main motivation to become a fitness instructor is not financial remuneration but the other benefits the job provides such as: freeing you from an office environment, flexible hours and the chance to meet new people on a daily basis.