Physiotherapy Degree

Could You Study for a Physiotherapy Degree?

A career in physiotherapy is demanding, challenging and incredibly rewarding as well. No two days will ever be quite the same and you will get to help a lot of different people who require your skills to get them back on their feet again – sometimes quite literally.

But before you can become a physiotherapist you have to study for and gain a physiotherapy degree. This qualifies you to work in this field and to apply for various physiotherapy positions in the healthcare setting.

Physiotherapy Degree

What type of degree do you have to have?

The basic degree in physiotherapy is an honours degree. This will require a period of study that stretches over three or possibly four years. It is referred to as a BSc in Physiotherapy. You may see it written as BSc (Hons). The good news is that the degree course can be studied part time at some universities. This enables you to work around your course requirements. It can be beneficial if you are older, already in work and you want to change careers.

Do you need to have good grades prior to studying for this degree?

You do. Most universities will require you to have at least three B grades in your A levels to be able to go on to study a physiotherapy course. Another alternative you could opt for is to study sports therapy. This is a different type of degree but it does require less stringent A level results in order to be accepted onto the course.

What will you learn when you study for a physiotherapy degree?

You will learn all about the human body and how to identify problems that people have that would require them to go to a physiotherapist in the first place. Developing skills in reasoning and evaluation are a key part of the course, teaching you how to identify and evaluate symptoms in order to come up with a practical and workable solution to solve problems. Work experience is also often included on these degree courses. This means you can get valuable experience in real life situations before you even qualify. By the time you pass your physiotherapy degree you will have learned all the skills you will need to have in order to take on the role successfully.

Suppose you already have a degree in another subject?

It may be possible to take another type of course that will not be as long as a traditional degree course. It is not enough to have any kind of degree though; it must have been taken in an appropriate subject. Check with your local colleges to see if any such courses are on offer and whether you have the right degree to study an accelerated degree course in physiotherapy. Even though it can take several years to study to become a physiotherapist, it is well worth devoting this amount of time to the qualification. You can help different people every single day in this job role, bringing enormous satisfaction both to you and the patients you meet.