Plumbing NVQ – What is Involved?

If you want to be a plumber it is important to get the right qualifications. In the UK these are called NVQs, otherwise known as National Vocational Qualifications. Once you have passed your NVQs you can go out and get work as a qualified plumber.

If you are considering becoming a plumber it is wise to find out as much as you can about the plumbing NVQ before going any further.

Plumbing NVQ - What is Involved?

Is there more than one plumbing NVQ you can study?

Yes there are three NVQs you can study for. You only need to pass the first one in order to find employment as a plumber, although many plumbers study to pass all three. The first one is known as the Basic Plumbing Certificate. This focuses on household plumbing, so once you have passed this particular plumbing NVQ you should be able to tackle all manner of jobs in the home. These could include fixing leaks and solving problems as well as installing new plumbing where needed.

The second NVQ is known as a Technical Certificate. As you would expect this goes into a lot more detail about various aspects of plumbing. This is a City and Guilds course and it can be undertaken on a part time basis. Indeed many plumbers who have already passed the first NVQ will start working as a plumber while studying for this second qualification. The third NVQ for plumbing is also a Technical Certificate. This focuses on more in depth jobs and tasks, such as central heating and boilers.

Be aware that some jobs a plumber will do would require them to be qualified to deal with electricity and gas. If you are considering tackling any of these tasks it is vital to ensure you study for those courses as well to ensure you have all the right qualifications.

How can you study for a plumbing NVQs?

A plumbing NVQ can be studied for in a number of ways. Some people choose to pay to go on an intensive course that permits them to study for and pass their exams in the shortest possible time. In other cases people will study on a part time basis once the first NVQ has been passed. This can be the best way to continue furthering your knowledge about plumbing while starting to gain work as a plumber using your existing skills.

You can also study the written work remotely if you wish. This covers all the theory work you will need to learn.

However it should be noted that plumbing by its very nature is a hands on experience. This means you will need to do a certain amount of work in a local college or other venue, depending on how you are learning and which school provides the course. As you can see, a basic plumbing NVQ is just the start of your path towards becoming a competent and able plumber.

Did you know?

You don’t have to be a school leaver to study for a new career as a plumber. There are a multitude of courses available for those who wish to become a plumber regardless of your age or previous qualifications. Click to find out more about plumbing courses