Police Recruitment

If you want to take up a position in the police force you will have to go through the police recruitment process. This will be the same process regardless of which of the forces you want to join. You might decide to apply to the British Transport Police, the Met Police or any one of the other county police forces across the country.

Police Recruitment

Police Recruitment – What is the first stage in the application process?

The first thing you will need to do is to fill in the application form. Make sure you take the time to do this properly. A casual attempt to fill in the details could lead to disappointment. Pay attention to all the sections and give accurate information.

Check facts and ensure that the questions where you are asked to describe a situation you have been in are answered to the best of your ability.

These questions are the most important parts of the application form. Your answers will reveal whether or not you are able to demonstrate you understand and have the core competencies required of all police officers.

Do some research on this and put yourself ahead of the crowd.

What happens next?

If you are successful with your application form you will go through three other stages. You have to take and pass a range of tests and exercises at an assessment centre. You also have to have a full medical and fill in a medical form detailing your history in this area.

There is also a complete fitness test.

Depending on the force you have applied to join, these tests may take place in a different order. Whichever order you do them in, you have to pass them all in order to go through to police officer training.

What are the chances of success?

It varies from year to year, depending on how many people apply. But of the thousands that do there is only around a one in ten success rate. Does this mean you should not apply? Not at all – if you are determined and you know this is the career for you, then by all means apply. You never know what could happen unless you do. It does however pay to find out as much as you can about what will be required of you before you start the police recruitment application process. For example it will help enormously to start exercising regularly to ensure you are fit enough to pass the physical assessments if you get to this stage.

What happens if you fail at any stage?

The police recruitment process can be gone through again if you should fail at any point. However this does not necessarily apply if you are rejected on medical grounds or you do not pass the vetting procedure (checking into your criminal history).

If you fail on the application form, the assessments or the fitness test you may reapply six months later.

If this should happen make sure you take the time to go over what is required and get fitter too. It will all help to increase the chances of passing on the second attempt.