Restaurant Deputy Manager Jobs

The restaurant deputy manager works under the direct supervision of the restaurant manger.

The restaurant deputy manager job will be very similar to that of the overall manger, however ultimate responsibility and final decision making remains in the hands of the restaurant manager.

Restaurant Deputy Manager Jobs

The restaurant deputy manger job will involve close contact with the staff, ensuring staffing levels are correct, making certain discipline is enforced and assisting in the training of staff. The deputy will act as a go between for staff and senior management. T

he role of deputy will vary form establishment to establishment. At some restaurants the deputy will be responsible for ordering and at others it could be the chefs responsibility. As a deputy restaurant manager you should be prepared to be adaptable to meet the demands of any given situation.

What can a deputy restaurant manager earn?

The role of deputy restaurant manager carries with it a certain degree of responsibility and seniority, therefore the wages reflect this. As a deputy you can expect to earn anything from £16k and up to £35k per annum.

What skills do I need to become a restaurant deputy manager?

To be a deputy restaurant manager you need to be highly motivated and able to cope with the pressure of managing an eating establishment. People skills are important and a large part of your role will involve managing staff. Qualifications are not essential for this role, however previous restaurant experience is desirable.

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