Restaurant Manager Jobs

A restaurant manager is in overall charge of the day to day running of a restaurant or dining establishment.

Restaurant Manager Jobs

As a restaurant manager you will have a variety of responsibilities including:

Kitchen Management – As the manager you will be responsible for the output of the kitchen. You will usually delegate this responsibility to the head chef, however you will be in charge of maintaining high standards through quality control.

The restaurant manager job also involves staff management and as such you will have to ensure staff meet the individual obligations as required for their specific role.

Floor management – You will have to ensure waiting and serving staff meet the customer service standards required. You will also have to make sure that the front of house service runs as smoothly as possible and ultimately you will be responsible;e for the success or failure of the restaurant.

Admin – Keeping a close eye on the administration tasks is an important part of the restaurant managers role. Tasks such as stock ordering, staff management and finances are essential to help maintain a happy and profitable establishment.

What can a restaurant manager earn?

The job of restaurant manager comes with a high degree of responsibility and as such you can expect to be well rewarded. Salaries range according to type of restaurant, restaurant location and your previous experience. Salaries range from £16k – £70k+ per annum.

What skills do I need to become a restaurant manager

To succeed in restaurant manger jobs you will have to be a good leader. This involves good communication skills and a well organised mindset. You will also need to be good with maths as the administration side of the job demands that you are able to keep track of the restaurant finances and stocks.

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