Security Careers

Security careers may seem to be very glamorous but as with all job positions these roles can have a lot more to them than you might think. Most people will imagine a security guard patrolling a shop or building when they think about careers in security. But in reality there are a lot of other possibilities you could choose if you want to go into this line of work.

What kinds of skills are required to excel in security careers?

It all depends on the type of work you choose to do. But in every case attention to detail and the ability to work consistently at all times is essential. Let’s say you are called upon to patrol a store for example. This may become boring after a while because you will be walking around one small area all the time, watching for anything suspicious. But you must always be alert and ready to act in order to fulfil your job description. All security careers involve a lot of responsibility. Imagine taking up your position as the driver of a security van that collects money from banks every day for example. This is just one example – there are plenty of other situations where responsibility will be essential to your daily work. You should also be able to act quickly in potentially stressful situations. Security guards and other people in similar security careers may have to deal with criminals or abusive people for instance. Could you do this quite easily without getting flustered or stressed?

Could you work shifts?

As you can imagine many security careers do not involve nine to five hours. Shift work is common in many roles, but it depends on who you work for and which role you take. For example if you are assigned to patrol the shop floor during opening hours you may have an early or a late shift, or simply work from opening time to closing time. If you are employed to protect a building right around the clock however, you may be required to work days and nights. These can sometimes be 12 hour shifts so you need to be prepared to handle shifts in this sense.

Are you confident enough to handle all aspects of your job?

Security jobs often involve long periods of time where very little happens. Imagine being a store security guard for example, where you wander around the shop all day and nothing happens. But you must always be ready and alert in case someone tries to steal something. It is this mix of inaction and action that you must always be prepared for. Careers in security can be enormously rewarding and there is lots of opportunity for progression as well. If you think you have what it takes to succeed on this career path, a very rewarding future could await you.