Security Recruitment

So you have decided you want to become a security guard. The next step is to think about security recruitment and to find out how you can get the job you really want.

Security Recruitment

What type of security recruitment / position are you looking for?

Most people will think of security guards when they think about working in the security industry. But there are plenty of other positions you could consider trying as well. It is important to think about where you would like to work too

. For example can you imagine yourself working in a CCTV control room, watching for suspicious activity on the monitors?

How about patrolling the same building or area throughout the day or night? Perhaps being a door supervisor is more appealing to you? By narrowing down the area of security you wish to work in, you will be more successful in finding the right position.

It will also enable you to get the required SIA licence for the position you want to work in. An SIA licence is necessary for many different jobs in the security industry.

Look for security recruitment agencies that specialise in this line of work?

If you are considering getting agency work – an ideal way to work in all kinds of positions and venues – you should look for recruitment agencies that specialise in security positions. They will also have a wide variety of jobs they are trying to fill for clients who have come to them for advice. In a sense you can often apply for lots of jobs at once if you go to an agency, because you will have the chance to be considered for more than one position.

Upload your CV online for various security recruitment positions

Lots of jobs are advertised online nowadays. You can look on the general job sites to find plenty of security positions up and down the country. The good news is that you can narrow down the possibilities available to you by limiting your search to your part of the country.

You can also look for a specific type of job in the security industry, such as a security guard or CCTV operator. Make sure you upload your CV to these websites too. It’s normally a free service and you can receive email alerts whenever a targeted job appears that you would like to apply for.

This can enhance the chances of winning a job faster than you would otherwise. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get the first security recruitment position you apply for. Keep on applying, look locally and write to the large security companies to see if they have any positions available too. The more opportunities you create for yourself, the more chance there is of getting just the kind of position you are looking for.