Social Care Jobs

Many people think that social care jobs involve taking a position as a social worker. But social care is slightly different to social work, and this is borne out by the number of jobs that are available in the sector. Social workers are sometimes referred to as working in social care, but this is only scratching the surface of the area.

Social Care Jobs

What kinds of positions are available within social care jobs?

There are lots of different roles you may like to consider in the field of social care. Many of them focus on one specific area of need, such as drug counselling or mental health for example. Different roles may have some similarities between them, but on the whole they are vastly different.

An occupational therapist is likely to encounter very different situations to those experienced by a drug counsellor for example.

What kind of experience is needed to take on these roles?

It will largely depend on the kinds of social care jobs you are interested in. For instance a position as a charity fundraiser is clearly very different to working as a probation officer. Yet they are both broadly included within the social care arena.

The best bet is to find out all you can about the range of roles available. Look at the skills and abilities that are required for each one. Try and find out as much as you can about each role and think about which one would suit you the most. Some are more challenging than others for example.

Would you cope well in a high pressure situation or not?

What kind of people would you like to help? Some people find themselves drawn to a particular area of social care. For example some want to help young children get the best possible start in life.

Others want to help young offenders to begin a new life and turn away from crime so they can make something of themselves.

Still more want to help the elderly or people who have been through a trauma – an illness or accident – for example. There are so many options available that starting with the people you wish to help can narrow things down for you.

Find out about local opportunities

The chances are good that you will eventually work in social care in your own community. Once again this is a good reason why people opt for this career. It enables them to do their bit for their community and make a difference in lots of diverse ways. So which types of social care jobs would bring out the best in you and enable you to help others? The more you think about the answer to this question, the easier it will be to get started in the right career.