Start a Cleaning Service

The demand for cleaners has never been greater. People lead very busy lifestyles and often don’t have time to clean their house or workspace. They would more often than not prefer to pay someone to take care of their cleaning needs rather than spend the time and effort doing it themselves.

This has lead to many opportunities for those who are willing to be able to carve out a lucrative career providing cleaning services. There has never been a better time to start your own cleaning service.

The cleaning industry offers multiple opportunities for those who are willing. Below we have listed just a few:

Start a Cleaning Service – Domestic Cleaners

This is the most popular choice for those who wish to start their own cleaning service. Domestic cleaners are always in demand and you can start up your own business with little cost and in a short period of time. Usually clients will hire you to clean their home either once or twice a week for two to three hours at a time depending on the size of their home and their personal preferences. At this rate you will not need to find too many clients before you will have a whole weeks work booked in.

Start a Cleaning Service – Office Cleaning

Most offices are cleaned on a nightly basis once the staff have returned home for the evening. Depending upon the size of the office the task may be carried out by one cleaner or a whole team. If you wish to set up a set up an office cleaning service you will initially have to look out for new businesses that don’t currently have a cleaner and also try to be competitive price of those who already have cleaners.

Start a Cleaning Service – Carpet Cleaning

There is always a demand for carpet cleaners. People would rather spend around a hundred pounds having their carpet cleaned rather that than thousands that it may cost to replace it. With carpet cleaning you can build up a repeat customer base by offering discounted cleans for those who hire your service on a regular basis. To set up a carpet cleaning service is slightly more expensive than say setting up a domestic cleaning service, however you will be remunerated better for your time.

Start a Cleaning Service – Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is another leaning service that you can establish fairly easily. The cost involved will depend on whether you choose to wash windows by a traditional means or if you want to use the water fed pole method. Most people have their windows cleaned on a monthly basis providing you with a regular income. There is a very wide marketplace for window cleaners – as well as private residences you can offer to clean commercial premises and in addition builders are always looking for window cleaners to finish their new builds.

Start a Cleaning Service – Car Valeting

Cleaning cars can be very lucrative. You can choose to set up your own service or take on one of the many car valeting franchises available. You can target customers at home or their place of work. As you can see there are many opportunities within the cleaning profession for those who are prepared to get their hands dirty.