Student Paramedic

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Training to be a paramedic would certainly be a great career choice, as not only would you be at the frontline of the emergency services, but you are also providing an excellent service to people. A service that could prevent someone from losing their life.

Student Paramedic

How do you become a student paramedic?

In the UK there are usually two ways in which you can train to become a paramedic. You can either apply to become a student at any available ambulance service trust and learn on the job. Or alternatively gain entry to a paramedic science course at a UK university. In years gone by you could learn and work your way up the ranks from care assistant, to ambulance technician and eventually to paramedic, but this traditional route is no longer available to new recruits.

What will I learn as a student paramedic?

The wide and varied student paramedic course covers all aspects of the skills and knowledge that you will require to be part of an ambulance team. You will learn about manual handling skills, operating life-saving equipment, administering oxygen, driving injured patients to the nearest hospital with the upmost care and attention. In addition you will be taught with regards to the safe handover of injured patients to the hospital nurses and doctors, finding out how to brief them on the injury and any emergency treatments that have been administered at the scene. This is a fulfilling and rewarding career path to go down and there will always be a need for ambulance crew members and paramedics and they perform an important service in emergency situations, as they are usually the first people there at the scene of an emergency. As a fully qualified paramedic you will be required to work various shift patterns due to the nature of the work and you should expect to receive an annual salary upwards of £21k with lots of opportunities of additional pay through overtime.