Teaching Assistant Pay Scale

If you’re looking for more information on teaching assistant pay scale then, hopefully the following details will give you the assistance you require.

Becoming a teaching assistant can be a worthwhile and rewarding career choice and you’ll be fully involved in assisting teachers in their everyday requirements in the smooth running of their classrooms.

Teaching Assistant Pay Scale

What qualifications does a teaching assistant require?

There are no mandatory qualifications required in the UK, but a certain level of education and any relevant certificates would give you more leverage and would be more appealing to any prospective employers.

What kind of pay does a teaching assistant receive?

It really depends on what level you’re entering at and how much previous experience you’ve gained, but at the level one scale in the UK you would expect to receive a full time teaching assistant salary between £12k – £15.5k per annum. At level two of the salary scale you will earn between £14k – £17.5 per annum and at level three the salary should be between £17k – £21.5k per annum.

If you have previous experience or good qualifications then, there’s a possibility of going in at the higher pay grade and gaining a respectable full time income.

There are a few methods in which one can fast track their way in to entering at a higher level in your teaching assistant career. The best way is to gain an NVQ in becoming a teaching assistant at both level two and three. This will not only give you a head start over other applicants, but show your desire and commitment in becoming a full time teaching assistant to any prospective employer.

Providing assistance to a teacher is always beneficial, especially when the teacher has a larger sized class to contend with. In a large class the demands of the children are greater and more pressure is likely to be placed upon the teacher, so the assistant plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of any classroom on a daily basis and offers great support to the teacher.