Teaching Courses

To become a teacher you must go through training first. Even though there are several different paths you can take to become a teacher, you still have to take the relevant teaching courses first.

Teaching Courses

When do you take teaching courses?

Before you can embark on a proper course you must have the qualifications to be accepted. You will need good GCSE grades, with a Grade C required in English and Maths for obvious reasons.

You should also get a Grade C or above in a science subject because this opens up the possibility of teaching older children in secondary schools. Additionally you will need this qualification if you want to get a degree in a science subject with the intention of teaching that subject in secondary school.

Once you have got these qualifications you can look at the possibilities offered by teaching courses.

What happens next?

Many people decide to earn a degree, and this will be necessary in many cases. There are lots to choose from, including a Certificate of Education in Teaching and a Diploma in Higher Education. Most universities offer a range of teaching courses such as these, to help you further your ambition to become a teacher.

What about the actual teacher training you have to go through to become qualified?

Getting a degree is only half the story. Once this has been achieved you will need to gain Qualified Teacher Status. This basically means you are now qualified to teach in England.

If you do not have this status you will not be able to gain work as a teacher. Initial Teacher Training (or ITT) helps you to gain your QTS. Some people elect to do this training at the same time as they complete their degree topic. However it can be attained in other ways as well.

Which path to teaching is right for you?

Teaching courses offer the chance to learn what you need to know to become a teacher. But not all teachers take exactly the same teaching courses or focus on the same step by step path to the job they want. This is why it is best to decide what kind of teacher you want to be, so you can choose the best route to success for your own circumstances.

You should also consider your age, because the route will be different if you are older and you already have a degree from years ago. Someone looking for a career change will have a different route into teaching than someone who is just starting university.

In both cases, teaching courses are the route to success. They give you the skills, abilities and knowledge required to become not just a good teacher, but a great teacher.

If you want to make a difference to kids’ lives, teaching is a good way to do it.