The 5 Key Skills You Need as a Nail Technician

Before you can enjoy the benefits of being a nail a technician, and putting yourself through the necessary NVQ training courses, it’s going to be beneficial for you to ascertain the main skills needed, so you’ll know beforehand, if you have the skills and desire to become a nail technician.

Read over the following, and if you can identify yourself as having the required skills, then you may want to look further into developing your qualifications and becoming the best nail technician you can be.

The 5 Key Skills You Need as a Nail Technician

The skills you need to be a nail technician

1)     Creativity is an absolute essential

You will need a flair for being creative in order to impress your clientele. Some customers may just want a manicure, however, there will be times when some of your customers want to have somewhat more of a makeover. Nail treatments form a large part of that and often both the toenails and fingernails may need treated.

Having creativity and colour co-ordination boosts your customer’s confidence in your ability to serve your clients best. Besides…to offer the best service to customers, it’s better to carry out your own unique designs, so you can have a unique advantage as a premium service provider. You’d be surprised by the amount of beauty therapists there are, who only use pre-designed templates.

People like uniqueness in their treatments, and being creative is how you can offer that unique experience to your clientele.

2)     Patience for providing attention to detail

As the work of a nail technician can require several treatments, such as manicuring first, adding a protective coating to the nails, letting that dry, before applying either false nails, varnish or anything your customers would like, requires a great deal of time, patience is an absolute essential skill that will be needed. You can’t rush through it, if you’ve a busy schedule. Therefore, you’re going to need to spend a great deal of time with your customers, in order to get the beauty treatment spot on for your clients.

3)     People skills

If you can’t stand working with the public, then this isn’t the profession to be in. You’ll be spending every working moment of your day, dealing with your clients. That will be both by providing the nail care treatments and speaking to people on the phone when customers call in to book your services.

The ability to multi-task is certainly advantageous and of course, manners are always going to be important. To provide the best service to your clients, it’s handy to keep an eye on latest fashion trends too, so that as seasons change and the colours change with them, you can be prepared to offer the freshest and unique services to your customers.

4)     Organisational skills for efficiency

In order to run your service effectively, you’ll need to manage your appointments effectively. You’ll be required to understand the time it takes for each treatment that has been booked in, so you can allocate sufficient time to apply the treatment requested, before your next appointment arrives.

To stick to allocated time slots, you’ll need to be organised around the salon as well, so you know where everything is, and not have to leave your customers, while you go find the equipment you need. That wouldn’t look professional and will affect your repeat customers. The better organisational skills you have, the more efficient a service you’ll be able to provide.

The more efficient you are, the more customers you can see in a day, therefore, you’d make more of a wage as well.

5)      Health and Safety Knowledge

This forms part of your training and it’s why you need to have at least an NVQ at level 2 in nail care services.

A large responsibility you have when working with other peoples nails is ensuring that all your varnish removers, nail polishers, and finishing materials, going onto your customers’ nails are stored and applied safely. The last thing you’ll want to do is make a mess of someone’s treatment.

Knowledge on how to store and use the tools of the trade is an essential skill you’ll need to have, so that you can take care of your clients’ nails, and recommend the best course of nail treatment suitable to each of your individual customers. Every customer is different and it’s your expert knowledge as a nail technician, which will add to your credibility.

It’s a professional standard of service that is required to be maintained, and when it comes to the health and hygiene of people’s nails, there is no room for error.

Do you have what it takes to become a nail technician?

Patience is a virtue in the busy nail services industry. People come into get their nails treated as a luxury, and as part of that luxury, they need to get on with the person providing the nail treatments.

They will be in your company quite some time, so even if you don’t particularly get on with one of your customers, you need to remain professional at all times, and not lower your standard of service.

Customers pay good money for the luxurious experience of nail treatments and manicures, and expect only the best in services from the nail technician they choose to do business with.