The Real Cost of Training to Become a Driving Instructor

For those contemplating on a career as a driving instructor, then one thing you’ll definitely be thinking of is the cost of the training involved. The more you think about it, the more you’ll start to see the advertisements promising riches, incentives, bonus perks and guaranteed clientele, when you train with some large motoring school franchises.

The Real Cost of Training to Become a Driving Instructor

Granted they will have the resources to provide you a fast track into the career, but once you’re there, you’ll find that for some of the benefits, such as using their company vehicles, they’ll require you to contract your services to their driving schools. If you do that, you can be paying franchise fees as high as £200 per week, as well as a percentage of your takings, for the privilege of them passing clients onto you.

Although that will save you the added cost of advertising fees. You’re best to check the terms of service, before signing up with any driving instructor training course.

Choosing your training provider carefully

As you have to use a driving instructor training organisation, you should know the costs involved. It’s only fair that you have an understanding of the costs involved in your training. The other reason is that you can find some of the larger franchises may want to contract your services to their school of motoring.

The costs involved in some, could cost as high as £350 per week, for the use of the company name, then you may have to pay a percentage of your wages, as clients will be booking through the main booking line, rather than contacting yourself.

You would have the advantage of not having to advertise, but that will come at a price.

There is a possibility of tying yourself into a company for a couple of years, working for a lower than expected salary, but once your terms are finalized, you will have the option to become an independent ADI, and work solely for yourself. To begin with, you’re going to need training materials. That’s only the one theory test question book, which comes in at a super affordable £6 for the official ADI theory test question book. After you have your training book to study for your theory test, that’s when you’re real tuition fees are going to kick in.

The cost of driving instructor training to become an ADI

As previously mentioned, you have your study book priced at £6 per copy. Once you have that, the first stage is to start your application process. This is going to require a criminal background check to be carried out, as well as proof of identity. You can use the Post Office ID checking service, if your local branch offers this, and that will cost you £6. Once you have your documents, they’ll need to be sent away with a postal check for the cost of £11.80, plus postage.

Total cost £17.80 for your application. Once your CRB documents are approved, you can then move onto sit the first stage of your training to become a driving instructor.

Part 1 – Sitting your theory test The first stage is to get you through your theoretical training, based on answering multiple-choice questions. The cost of your instructor theory training is going to be £90. Upon passing your theory test, you can then advance to the second stage of your tuition.

Part 2 of your training The second stage is an important area to be passed on, as it’s upon passing test 2 of your ADI training, that you submit your application for a PDI licence. That will let you get out training students, gaining experience and earning a wage, that will help pay for your full tuition. The cost to sit part 2 of your training is £111.

Part 3 of your training The third and final part of your training, tests your driving and teaching abilities. It’s after passing these stages, that you can obtain your full ADI badge. To sit part 3 of the driving instructor training test, it’s going to cost a further £111.

Badge fees There’s two badges you’ll need to pay for. One before and the other after completion of your training. After passing the second stage of your tuition, you can apply for your PDI licence. That’s going to cost you £140 and will permit you to teach students as a potential driving instructor. You can still earn a wage in this position, and the costs will help you obtain your full ADI certification. The ADI badge is going to cost you a further £300, after which you’ll be fully qualified and registered as an Approved Driving Instructor.

The Pass Plus Costs To offer a pass plus course to your students, you’re then going to have additional costs for the packs you need to give your students. The starter packs cost £37 and the refill packs are priced at £29.

DSA specialist training For those who want to be sure that they’re trained to the highest of standards and competent in all areas of driving tuition, there’s a DSA special test you can sit. This will cost you £144 to take the test.

Summary of associated costs to become a driving instructor

  • Theory test book – £6
  • Application process including CRB check – £17.80
  • Part 1 – £90
  • Part 2 – £111
  • PDI Badge – £140
  • Part 3 – £111
  • ADI Badge – £300
  • Pass Plus starter pack – £37
  • Refill PP Packs – £29
  • Optional DSA special training test – £144

The above is listed in order of the associated costs. Before you can start teaching any students, it’s going to cost £364.80, which will take you onto the roads teaching your own students, with your PDI licence. Once you have your PDI licence, the other stages take you to obtaining your ADI registration. That’s going to cost a further £411. Once you’re registered, you’ll have your Pass Plus starter pack at a cost of £37, taking your total cost to become a driving instructor up to £812.80. Should you choose to do your DSA special training test at an additional cost of £144 to train to the highest of standards, your total cost is going to be £956.80.

That price however of £956.80 will not be the cost to you.

Those are the fees associated with the DSA. The actual cost for driving instructor training isn’t set by any organisation, therefore, the tuition costs will vary according to the school of motoring you choose to do your training with.

The costs below are associated with some driving instructor training schools

  • Smart Driving – £999
  • LDC – £2345
  • AA – £2600
  • BSM – £2600
  • Red – £2995

As you can see, the cost of training does vary significantly for your tuition, between different driver training companies. That said, each have different training methods, guarantees and service agreements, so you’re best to consider the type of training you need, and the after sales terms of service with each, as you could see yourself having to work with a driving school for a minimum period of time.

Also inquire if you will have the optional DSA special training included, if that’s something you would like your training to cover.

Not all courses will cover this in their standard pricing. With the costs covered above, detailing the prices of driving instructor training, you’ll be able to approach driving schools with a better understanding and be able to ask the appropriate questions, that will guarantee you get the best possible start in your career as a fully qualified driving instructor, registered with the ADI.