The Supplies You’ll Need as an Independent Driving Instructor

Once you become a driving instructor, you may want to consider self-employment, running your own business. In order to do that there are a lot of supplies you’re going to need, and others that can be handy for branding and marketing of your business. Y

ou can also get some complimentary products, which you can either use to enhance your professional image, or you could even use them as a way to supplement your income, by offering training aids to your students.

The Supplies You’ll Need as an Independent Driving Instructor

List of driving instructor essentials

Home Study Kits

For many of your students, you’re only going to be providing an hour to 2 hours per week of driving tuition. That’s going to leave them tons of time between lessons, which they can use to study other areas, such as the Highway Code, what to expect at the test, the correct signalling procedures, and even the positioning of the vehicle. Basically, everything your students will need to know to pass their test. If you offer them kits that they can take home to study when they aren’t on driving lessons, they’ll be to learn much faster.


This is the absolute essential to be a self-employed driving instructor. You’re going to need business cards to hand out to potential clients. You’re also going to need some brochures to send out to the people who get in touch with you. Don’t forget appointment books, and record keeping books so you can manage your bookkeeping as well.

Roof Signs/Magnetic stickers

The vehicle you use will need to have learner stickers on it. You will also want to use it for advertising on the body of the vehicle, so that it’s continually doing your marketing for you, each time you’re out on the road. To maximize the advertising space, you can use a roof sign to display the name of your company, a phone number for clients to call you up, and perhaps even get a website address printed on your sign as well.

Training Aids

From lesson plan handouts, to complete lesson books with your structure and CD ROMs, you can super charge your pass rates by providing a variety of training aids, to help your pupils learn to drive safer and faster. For the end of your lessons, you can also have lesson recap sheets, which you can give your students to revise, until their next lesson as well.

Dual Controls

Rather than lease a driving instructor vehicle, you may want to buy your own car, to keep your monthly overheads to a minimum. Should you choose that option, you’re going to need to adapt the car with dual controls. That will require you to purchase the controls, and then find a service that can fit them for you.

Mirrors for the passenger side

As a driving instructor, you’re going to have to be watching your students to ensure they’re using the correct hand positioning on the steering wheel, using both hands and ensure they’re keeping an eye on the mirrors as they drive. Without a mirror in front of you on the passenger side, you’re going to have to be turning your head towards your student, to see how they’re doing. That can make people uncomfortable or even take their eyes off the road, as they could be distracted. The best way to provide a relaxed learning environment is to install an extra mirror that you can use to see your pupils, without it being blatantly obvious that you’re watching their driving techniques.

Additional supplies that you could hire or sell to raise your salary


DVDs can be a great training aid to give a complete walk through of driving tuition and can help some of your pupils study. You can choose to hire these out, or supply them to enhance your students training. Some people aren’t naturally good readers, or just find it difficult to concentrate on reading books, in which case they may be willing to pay that bit extra to get their training materials in a format they can learn from easier.


Most students will have already bought at least a copy of the Highway Code booklet. Perhaps even a copy of a theory test to practice on, however there are a ton of other books available, which are complimentary to your lessons, and can help prepare your students on what to expect as their training progresses.

Stationary Steering Wheels

Stationary steering wheels are handy for you as the instructor, as you can demonstrate the correct steering technique to your students while you’re in the vehicle. You can also have extras for your students to take home. Again, you could supply these complimentary, or you could hire them out for as long as your students feel they need something to practice with, should they find it difficult to get into the habit of the correct handling techniques of the steering wheel.

With the above supplies at hand, you’ll be able to offer a completely professional service to your pupils and experience an excellent pass rate, due to the enhanced level of training the supplies can help you give your pupils.