Minicab Driver Careers

If you want to become a minicab driver it is important to note that you cannot simply get in your car and start looking for business.

The minicab business is regulated and requires a licence for you to operate as a driver. However if you decide to become a minicab driver and you successfully get through the process required, you can enjoy working whatever hours suit you and enjoying a rewarding career where no two days are ever quite the same.

Minicab Driver

What do minicab drivers do?

Minicab drivers pick up fares and can take people to and from all kinds of places. These may be short fares in their local area or they may want to be driven to an airport to go on holiday.

Mini cab drivers also handle all kinds of customers, from young people enjoying nights out to the elderly coming back from a local shopping trip. You never know who your next customer will be!

Minicab Driver Training

When you are out enjoying yourself and you want to call a mini cab to help you get home safely, you want to know you are calling someone you can trust. So it should not come as a surprise to learn that you must pass a number of tests and training in order to become a mini cab driver. If you want to know more about mini cab driver training you should read the information below to understand how it works.

Mini Cab Training

Do you have a criminal record?

You will usually need to have a criminal record check in order to become a mini cab driver. However even if you have a record it may not prevent you from becoming a driver and going through mini cab driver training. It all depends on why you have a record, what your offence was and when the offence was committed.

You will need to pass a medical

It is very important to pass a medical as you must be able to show you are fit to drive. This will include checking your vision, your medical history and whether you have any particular conditions that could affect your ability to drive safely.

You must have the correct paperwork for the medical before seeing your doctor; there is a portion of the paperwork you need to fill in and a portion your doctor will complete. The appropriate form is called the PHV/204 form.

You must be able to pass the knowledge test for your local area

Most areas will require their would-be mini cab drivers to pass a test on the local area. This is called a knowledge test and it means you will have to know everything required of a good mini cab driver. This can be the hardest part of the mini cab driver training, but you can find out more about it from your local authority to see what is required.

Once you have the information in front of you, you will know what you need to learn and how you must learn it in order to pass.

You will also need to pass the DSA driving test

You may think you already know how to drive but the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) will require you to pass a specific driving test designed for mini cab drivers. This is another important part of the mini cab driver training and it means you will need to prepare for the specific parts of the test that are unique to this situation.

For example you must be able to park safely when you need to drop a passenger off. The idea is that you shouldn’t be tempted to just pull up anywhere. So it makes sense to learn how you should drive to be able to pass the DSA driving test to get your licence to drive a cab.

Minicab Driver Jobs

Anyone who wants to become a mini cab driver to get one of the many mini cab driver jobs that are available today must be determined and sure that they will enjoy the job when they get it.

There are a number of things you must do to have the privilege of driving a mini cab, not least to pass a driving test and a medical. Once you have done this there is the cost of getting the actual licence, your insurance and the cab itself. So it makes sense to make sure you are going to enjoy the work when you finally get it!

Minicab Driver Jobs

Do you really enjoy driving?

You should do, because this will be what you will be doing all day (and night). Many people enjoy driving but it does not necessarily mean they would want to become a cab driver and do it all the time. Consider whether you love recreational driving or whether mini cab driver jobs would really be good for you.

Do you enjoy meeting lots of different people?

Mini cab drivers are constantly meeting all kinds of different people. If you have ever met a mini cab driver you will probably have heard some of the stories they have to tell about some of the passengers they have picked up. One thing is certain – life as a mini cab driver is unlikely to be dull. If you like chatting to different people this job can be a really nice one as you get to know people and their lives.

Are you good at getting from A to B in your local area?

While some local authorities require their mini cab drivers to pass a knowledge test, this does not apply in all areas. However with that said it is definitely the case that you will need a good working knowledge of your local area and beyond. For example if someone asked you to drive to your local airport, would you know how to do it? This knowledge will form the backbone of the service you offer in mini cab driver jobs.

Are you happy working at different times of the day?

Mini cab driver jobs are either self employed – if the cab driver owns their own car – or offered by a mini cab company. In this case the car might be hired to the driver. But in both cases the driver will usually have control over the hours they work. This is particularly the case with self employed drivers.

If it suits you to work nights you can do. Alternatively if you prefer working during the day – perhaps so you can see your other half during the evenings – you can do.

Do you want to be an owner-driver or work for a taxi company?

As mentioned above these are your two choices.

Many mini cab drivers start out by working for a company and then consider going out on their own to work for themselves.

There are generally more costs involved in working for yourself so these should be borne in mind if you would rather do this than take mini cab driver jobs from another company.