Travel And Tourism Careers

Are you looking for up to date information on travel and tourism careers? Well hopefully the following details will help you with your future choices.

Despite the economic downturn in the past few years, the travel industry is still very popular and the majority of people still want to travel and get a least one holiday per year, so there are jobs which constantly need filling in the travel and tourism industry which is great news for the right candidates.

Travel and tourism careers offer a wide variety of differing jobs and prospects including: being a travel agent (either at a shop or call centre), a holiday and tour representative and a tourist information centre clerk.

Travel and Torism Careers

Travel And Tourism Careers  – Travel Agent

This position has certainly stood the test of time and not only do you find travel shops in nearly every UK high street, but all the main operators have call centres and helpful people ready to take your enquiry and offer you relevant information on flights, hotels, airport parking, baggage allowance package prices and any special offers. You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a junior or trainee travel agent, but having a reasonable education and good communication skills will stand you in good stead. You can progress quicker in this field by gaining recognised qualifications like a BTEC diploma level 2 and 3 in Travel and Tourism.

Travel And Tourism Careers – Holiday and Tour Representatives 

Holiday and tour representatives are responsible for collecting you from the airport if you have booked a holiday package with transfers. Some are based in one hotel, while other reps may be in charge of customer satisfaction at numerous hotels within a resort.

The role usually involves having an initial talk with new arrivals. The rep will then be on hand to offer assistance with any customer concerns / enquiries. The role of a rep will also include promoting special offers that are available to enhance the holiday makers stay such as excursions and day trips.

There are various businesses like travel operators, hotels, holiday and coach companies that require holiday reps and tour guides. The main qualities required for this type of position are good people skills, flexibility and great energy levels.

Travel And Tourism Careers  – Tourist Information Clerk

Every main town and city in the UK has a tourist information centre and it’s their job to find you the relevant information or point you in the right direction. Everyday these type of places are confronted with people from various countries who may not speak the native language, so having an understanding nature and good people skills are of great value. A qualification in travel and tourism and speaking more than one language along with a good standard of education is expected.

As you can see there are many opportunities available within the travel and tourism careers sector to those with the right amount of motivation and the correct personal skills.