Waiting Jobs

Waiting staff are important to the running of a successful restaurant or bar. They are the ones who will interact directly with the customers of an establishment.

As a waiter you will have to prepare the restaurant for service, take food and drinks orders and clean tables once customers vacate among other duties.

Waiting Jobs


Male waiting staff have traditionally been referred to as “waiters” while female waiting staff have be called “waitresses”, however now it is more common for waiting staff to referred to as “waiters” regardless of their gender. In high end establishments you will usually find specially trained waiters – known as silver service.

Silver service is a skilled waiting position that requires special training and strict rules on how food should be served to patrons.

What can a waiter earn

The wages for a waiter can vary depending on many factors, but in particular according to the level of service offered. this is because waiters make a significant portion of their money through tipping.

In the UK tipping is not see as imperative as it is the United States, however tipping around 10% of the total bill is common practice. Salaries range from just over minimum wage through to £20k per annum for silver service staff.

What skills do I need to become a waiter

Silver service staff require training, however most new waiting staff will receive in house training. To be a waiter you must have a passion for high levels of customer service. TYou will, in addition, need to posess good communication skills and the ability to work well under the pressure of a busy restaurant.

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