What A-Levels do I need to become a Doctor?

In order to apply to University to study for an under graduate degree resulting in a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, you will need to have acquired the right grades in the expected subjects during your time studying for you’re A Levels.

Most Universities will expect you to have good A Level grades as these are needed for most student places. In particular they would expect a good grade in A Level Chemistry however some might accept this at AS level; some may also require you to have an A level in Biology too. 

What A-Levels do I need to become a Doctor?

With this in mind then, the best thing to do before applying to any medical school is to check what grades and in what subjects the University requires for entry.

As every medical school entry requirements are different; as they are dependent on the type of course applied for. So it is therefore essential that you contact the particular University before applying to be sure that you stand a chance.

Do I need anything other than A-Levels to become a doctor?

Bear in mind though that you’re A Level grades are not all that will be looked at when applying, of course these grades hold most importance, but other skills will also be taken into consideration on application. For example use your application to show evidence of scientific ability through other means and life experiences and be sure to express your over all capacity for study.

You may have read this and felt a little panicked as you do not have A Levels in such scientific topics, fear not there are some colleges who run courses called “access to medicine”.

These courses are designed to help those students improve their scientific knowledge which will then prepare them for their time at medical school.

Do I need any other qualifications before applying to become a doctor?

It is also worth mentioning that many medical schools will want applicants to have taken the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). These test results are valued by the medical schools and play a role in the selection process.

The test is designed to help Universities to select the right candidates for the course as it is a very competitive course and the medical school and the Universities want to be sure that they have selected the right candidates. The test is designed to target a student’s mental abilities, their social attitudes, and highlight what professional behaviours are required for studying to be a Doctor.

Again do not panic as this test does contain any scientific content. So good grades at A Level are essential, they are preferred to be in chemistry and/or biology however this is not set in stone. But if you are thinking of becoming a Doctor, one would hope that you have an interest in the sciences. You really need to make sure you do your research on the entry requirements for your chosen Medical Schools and Universities but also make sure that your application displays your character as well as your knowledge and any evidence of work experience.