What are dentist entry requirements?

If you are looking to become a dentist you may be wondering what are dentist entry requirements?  This article aims to give you some insight in to what is required to become a dentist and start on your way towards a lucrative recession proof career.

Dentist entry requirements start with the basics – five good passes at GSCE (or the Scottish equivalent) and three A-levels, preferably including two sciences.

What are dentist entry requirements?


Some universities will accept AS levels. If an applicant does not have the required science based  A-levels it is possible for a pre-dental programme to be completed.

This additional course takes one year to complete. Some universities now use the UKCAT Test results as an additional entry requirement. UKCAT is the UK Clinical Aptitude Test and is used in the selection process for medical and dental applicants.

What are dentist entry requirements? The Next Step…

GCSE and A-Level qualifications, or equivalent, will then lead to the possibility of entrance to a University degree course in dentistry.

The university course will take a minimum of 5 years and once completed will award you with one of the following qualifications: BChd, BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) or MChd (Master of Dental Surgery).

It is possible for graduates to apply for the 5 year degree course; the entry requirements for the graduate will also include the above-mentioned GCSE and A-Level qualifications.

Some institutions offer a four year accelerated degree, however the degree already held by the graduate would be required to have a strong element of biology, chemistry or medical science.

Please note that the entry requirements can vary slightly form one institution to the next, it is best to check directly with the university concerned before any application is made. With your training and qualifications complete, you are in a position to apply to register with the General Dental Council.

Without a registration from the GDC a dentist cannot legally work in the UK. Following registration with the GDC, a period of supervised employment is expected within an established practice.