What are the Advantages of Being a Self Employed Painter Decorator?

Most people have the need for a painter decorator from time to time. Even if they are capable of painting or decorating their home by themselves, they may not have the time or the inclination to do it. This provides a huge market to tap into, and there are indeed many advantages to being a self employed painter decorator.

What are the Advantages of Being a Self Employed Painter Decorator?

You can take only those jobs that really appeal to you

To begin with you will probably take every job going because you will want to get as much money as possible. This helps to get you established and you can think about being more selective later on if you wish. You may even start to specialise in certain types of jobs if you find you have a flair for them.

You get to work indoors and outdoors, depending on the job

Some painter decorators focus on working indoors, while others only tackle exterior house painting. If you decide to offer both services you can enjoy working inside peoples’ homes as well as outside, depending on the job you happen to be doing at any one time. This provides a lot of variety and you will never have the same day twice.

You can set your own hours to a certain extent

Of course this isn’t always 100% flexible – it all depends on the client you are working for. They may ask that you turn up at a certain time and leave by a certain time each day. But for the most part it is a more flexible job than working for someone else against the clock would be.

You can decide how many days a week you want to work

This is more under your control, and if you have other commitments and you can only work three days a week, you can make it happen as a painter decorator. Because you are self employed, you can decide which days to work and when to take time off. You just need to be sure you can accommodate your clients and work when they need you to. For instance they might want you to work in their home while they are at work during the week. This would mean having the weekend off just as they do.

You get to keep all the profits

If you were working for someone else you would be paid a daily wage. This is not going to be as much as you can earn if you work for yourself. But of course there are downsides too, not least the fact that you are responsible for bringing in the work in the first place. However if you can get enough work you can earn more than you would as an employee.