What are the Benefits of Being a Nail Technician?

Nail technicians are becoming quite prevalent today. You will find them working in all manner of different locations, from cruise ships to local nail bars. It may not be the best paid job in the world, but there are considerable benefits to being a nail technician that you should bear in mind.

Look through the following points before making a decision on whether this career would be right for you.

What are the Benefits of Being a Nail Technician?

You can earn more as you gain more experience

When you start out you may only earn £8,000 to £9,500 a year. This may not sound like much but there are opportunities to earn more as you gain further qualifications and experience.

You can meet all kinds of different people

You never know who will walk through the door next when you work as a nail technician. You might end up doing a set of false nails for a young woman, followed by a manicure for an older lady. You must be good with people if you are going to enjoy this work and get the most out of it.

You can build up a regular, returning clientele

If you offer a good service as a nail technician you can start building up a regular clientele. This is good because many people return regularly for treatments, perhaps once every week or two. If you work for yourself or you have a station at a local nail bar, you can earn more money by developing your client list.

You can work for someone else or strike out on your own

Most nail technicians get started by working in a local salon or nail bar. There are other locations that require nail technicians too so it is worth looking around. But one day you might decide to set up your own business. This could be in your own salon if you can get the finances in place to make it happen, or it could be as a freelance nail technician, going round to visit people in their homes.

You can enjoy getting tips on top of your regular pay

If you are good at your job most clients will tip you as well as paying for the actual treatment they have asked you to perform. Over the course of a week this can add considerably to your base pay. Of course you cannot rely on tips since you never know what you will get. You should also declare them as they should be taxed as part of your income.

As you can see there are lots of benefits of being a nail technician. If you have read through all the information given above you should be able to tell whether this is the career for you.