What Are the Qualifications to Become a Teacher?

Qualifications are important to have for all kinds of jobs. Teaching is an excellent example of this. You must have a certain level of education yourself if you want to become a teacher.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Teacher?

What qualifications to become a teacher do you need?

Basic level GCSE passes

It goes without saying that you need some reasonable GCSE passes in order to move on to the next stage of teacher training. English and Maths grades at a minimum of Grade C are essential. You will also need a minimum of a Grade C in a science subject if you want to go into primary school teaching. This also applies to those who want to teach pupils at Key Stages 2 or 3.

Do you need a degree before you can become a teacher?

Contrary to what some people think the answer is no. People go into teaching at all ages. Some will enter the profession at the end of their initial education having got a degree at university, but others enter the profession much later in life. They may have had another career first and are looking to have a change.

There are lots of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses that you can study to give you the right qualifications to become a teacher. Postgraduate refers to those people who have already got a degree and now want to go back to university to study for a teaching degree.

Qualified Teacher Status

In a sense this is the most important thing of all to remember. In order to become a teacher you must have Qualified Teacher Status. It is only gained once you have completed Initial Teacher Training. Some people do this while they are studying for their degree, while others complete this essential step afterwards.

Your abilities in numeracy and literary are just two of the things you will be expected to demonstrate when you go through the process of gaining Qualified Teacher Status. You will also need to demonstrate skills in information and technology, to ensure you have the right level of knowledge to be able to teach others.

Consider what age group you want to teach and which subject you may focus on

One thing that becomes clear very quickly when you are thinking about studying to become a teacher is that there are several different routes into the profession. By thinking about the age group you would prefer to teach and whether you have a specific subject you’d like to teach them, you will find it easier to map out your ideal path into teaching.

For example the route a would-be primary school teacher needs to take may be different from the route a would-be secondary school teacher focusing on biology needs to take. By finding out as much as possible about the qualifications to become a teacher before you actually go ahead and do it, you will be far better prepared for the journey ahead.