What Can You Really Make as a Sales Director?

A lot! Actually, a really lot is what you can make when you’re working as a sales director, for large corporations. Businesses need to sell in order to make their revenue. Sales aren’t a natural ability for everyone. It’s a skilled job that takes a lot of work to clinch a sale and secure major contracts.

The more sales you can drive for a business, the better your salary becomes. In a sales driven environment, you’re going to be paid a basic salary.

On top of that, you have your performance bonuses. In order to earn the most as a sales director, you need to manage your sales force efficiently, continually motivating, and perhaps even organising training events, to ensure that your sales force is up to scratch.

What Can You Really Make as a Sales Director?

The Base Salary for Sales Directors

At the bottom end of the pay scale, which you’ll be in your first director position, you can expect around £30’000 per annum. While that may not seem a lot, consider the bonus payments available for your performance. These will vary from one company the another, but there is usually potential to add thousands onto your salary, provided you can meet the expectations and deliver on your targets, increasing the profit margins of the company you work for.

Earnings of an experienced sales director

As an experienced sales director you will find that eventually you’ll not spend as long within one positions. This is where your skills and industry knowledge, play a huge part in how you can increase your earnings. As an experienced sales director, you can really up the ante in this career by progressing onto greener pastures. Successful sales directors enjoy the challenge of sales and increasing the profits of the companies they work for.

Eventually there comes a point when instead of increasing sales, you may find that your role is to maintain and manage, rather than be out selling the services or merchandise. It’s at this point that you may start to consider a more challenging role, offering your expert services to businesses in need of a sales boost.

With the experience and evidence on your CV, with references from previous employers, companies are known to pay in excess of £100’000 with additional benefits, to experienced sales directors, who they know can take their business to  another level.

How do you get to the highest paying positions?

A major part of your job role is going to be in networking with other businesses. You’ll be attending conferences, trade fairs, training events, meeting clients and developing business relationships. The more you serve in this line of works, the greater the contacts you generate.

The more people know about you and your line of work, the more in demand you’ll place yourself. Conferences are the sort of events where head-hunters will scout for candidates suitable for assisting the company hiring them. When you can showcase your expertise and leadership, to drive a successful sales force, large companies will sit up and take notice of what you’re doing. It’s a highly demanding job to work as a sales director, and it takes exemplary skill to succeed.

The better you can perform in the role, the more earnings you’ll make. One of the best parts of this career, provided you do a good job is that you’re developing business relationships constantly. Therefore in terms of employment, people are going to know you, so should you decide to part with a company, it won’t take long to word out that you’re open for a new business venture, and get yourself into talks and negotiations for career progression. It’s not unheard of for a talented sales director to eventually become a managing director or even the CEO of a company.

There’s plenty of scope to take your earnings into the 6 figures when you work as a sales director, and there’s potential to expand your career into a higher demanding job role too.