What Car Insurance Does a Driving Instructor Require?

As a driving instructor, you will have a huge amount of responsibility on your shoulders for the safety of your students. When it comes to car insurance for driving instructors, the fact that you have dual controls at your feet, goes for nothing, as you’re still going to be deemed a higher risk than a commercial driver will be. You’re on the road every working hour of your day, so that’s a price you have to pay.

What Car Insurance Does a Driving Instructor Require?

The more mileage you do on any vehicle will push your insurance premiums up. It’s the same for taxi drivers and van drivers. If you use the roads to earn a living, you’re going to be faced with higher insurance premiums.

Couple the high insurance premiums with the expense of your fuel, tuition vehicle lease costs and the marketing of your business, and you can see why a driving instructor needs good mathematical skills to manage their accounts. Overheads can become extremely expensive and it takes a good deal of work to keep the accounts manageable.

The thing that’s taken into consideration with insurance for ADIs is that you aren’t in full control of the vehicle. You’re in the passenger seat with a provisional licence holder in control of the vehicle.

The safety relies on your ability to act urgently should the need arise.

As you’ll no doubt expect when you’re considering becoming a driving instructor, you have to be prepared for any eventuality. That’s the same for any driver on the road. No matter how safe and cautious a driver is, the credentials you have, or anything else, there’s always a risk on the roads. Anything can happen and it’s not always the driver who is at fault. Weather can take its toll on your vehicle at any time too.

The point is when it comes to your car insurance as a driving instructor, you’re going to be at risk of liability every time you take a student out on a lesson. Since commercial car insurance is out the window for driving instructors, what’s your alternative?

Business Insurance?

A possibility for sure is going with a business insurance policy. That’s going to see you and your students protected should the worst happen. You will be required to have a fully comprehensive insurance policy to cover you and your student for any eventuality.

The problem you may have

As a driving instructor, you can’t really opt just for business insurance. That type of policy can cover you for the risk side of your job, should an accident happen. You’ll be covered for any damage to your vehicle and your students will be protected with your liability insurance. That’s the point of having the business insurance after all. However, what you also have to consider is what will happen should your tuition vehicle breaks down.

You’re going to be losing revenue

The worst that can happen for a driving instructor is to awaken and find that they can’t get the car started. Having to cancel bookings, let students down and then sit back, calculating the losses, while you deal with the car lease company to get a replacement vehicle to you. By the time that happens, even for just a day with a half dozen bookings, you could be losing as much as £150 in revenue easily.

Will your business insurance cover that?

Perhaps they may, but in most cases, they won’t. That is if you go with a regular insurance firm.

Your driving instructor insurance solutions

The best thing for a driving instructor to do is to go with a professional driving instructor brokerage firm.

They’re the people who know the industry and the insurance requirements needed for this line of work. They also understand the needs you will have and should be able to offer you a tailored solution for your business. This is especially true for newly independent driving instructors, as you will find that most places will hike your prices high, due to inexperience.

A tailored solution will be able to offer you tiered policy, which rewards you with reduced rates for having no claims against your policy.

The other thing you may find with a specialist broker is that the excess on your policy could be lower, due to the fact you’re operating a business and require your vehicle to earn a living. The most important thing you can do is to find a reputable and specialist insurance broker, who can tailor a driving instructor insurance policy, to your specific needs.