What Do You Need to Become a Teacher?

Teaching can be an attractive and rewarding profession if you have what it takes to be successful. This doesn’t just apply to qualifications – it also applies to personal qualities. So what do you need to become a teacher?

What Do You Need to Become a Teacher?

Embark on teacher training to get Qualified Teacher Status

When you ask what do you need to become a teacher, the most important thing is the right qualification. In this case you will need to get Qualified Teacher Status. This is otherwise referred to as QTS. This means you will have acquired the right skills to start teaching, and the qualification is achieved by acquiring the right practical experience in a school setting.

You should expect the status to be gained by completing eighteen weeks of training at a minimum. Degree courses are one of the best ways to get into teaching.

The course you choose will depend on whether you will be attending university straight from school or whether you will be going into teaching later in life.

There are undergraduate and postgraduate courses that will suit people in either situation.

What do you need to become a teacher in terms of qualities and abilities?

Most people would say that in order to become a successful teacher you will need to have the passion to teach whatever age group you are most interested in teaching. A passion for learning and teaching – since they both go together very closely – is absolutely essential.

Different people are drawn to different age groups, with some wanting to teach primary school children. Others want to focus on teaching secondary school children in a specific subject. It all depends on the route you want to take. But in either case you must have patience, determination, motivation and the ability to motivate others as well.

Teaching is a challenging profession and always will be, but it also has some amazing rewards as you watch the children you teach grow into decent human beings.

Consider whether you have the right personal skills and then find out how to get the practical ones

This is the best course of action if you want to start teaching. Don’t be attracted by the money or rewards – think about whether you have the qualities you will need first.

You can then find out how you will study to get the appropriate qualifications.

Finding out more about the process of becoming a teacher from start to finish is the best way to get there successfully on your own.

Many people who ask what do you need to become a teacher have already got a curiosity about the profession. Many of them will eventually go on to complete the training needed to be able to work in this role.