What qualities do you need to become an HR worker?

When you work in HR as a Human Resource worker it is your role to assess candidates and decide in your professional opinion whether this person has the suitable skills and qualities in order to carry out the job. But to be able to do this, you too as a HR worker will need to possess some qualities of your own.

What qualities do you need to become an HR worker?


Working in HR requires an orderly approach to your work. You will need to keep organised files, be good at managing your time, and remain efficient at all times in order to ensure that the service you provide can function.


You may be expected to deal with several different queries at any one time, so you need to be able to multi task and therefore prioritise your time and work as you may well be expected to handle lots of things all at once.

Gain employee trust

You will need to have the communicative skills to be able to gain the employees trust. Quite often HR workers are expected to advocate on behalf of an employee, where communication is confidential so gaining trust is important.

Be fair

In order to carry out your duties fully you will need to ensure that you remain fair at all times. You must always clearly communicate with staff and make sure that people’s individual voices are heard. You will have some responsibility for implementing certain policies so you need to set an example by following these.

Be forward thinking

Working in HR you might be expected at times to take lead therefore your influence may play a part in the path that management choose to take. For example aiding management in new schemes or business growth, to do this you will require the skill forward thinking – you need to be one step ahead.

Team work

At one stage a HR team would be split into hierarchies of staff with a supervisory leader. As opposed to now where it is considered to be important to recognise that the team is to be viewed as a whole thing, where everyone’s skills are pulled together to get the job done. The list above is just a brief description of the kind of qualities you may need when working in HR. There are of course many other elements to the role, and this will be dependent on the job itself and what your role and responsibilities consists of.