What Skills Do I Need to Become a Bricklayer?

Most of us have seen a bricklayer at work at one time or another. It is fascinating to watch them because they make the job look incredibly easy. However if you have ever tried it yourself you will know it takes a lot of practice and experience to make it look that easy.

However regardless of whether you have tried it before or not, you may be considering a career as a bricklayer. If you are, it is wise to discover whether you already have some of the skills you will need to make a good bricklayer.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Bricklayer?

Are you practical?

Bricklayers are incredibly practical and organised by nature. They have to be, because they are working on a very precise job that has to be done accurately. They must have their bricks close at hand and have the right amount of mortar made up to use for the area they are working on. If you are disorganised and you cannot keep your work area tidy, you may not be right for this job.

Can you work accurately over long periods of time?

Accuracy is incredibly important when you are laying bricks. You must follow the plans for the property you are helping to build and you must also be able to continue accurately and quickly over long periods. If you deviate from the line even slightly, you could cause major problems for the build overall.

How fit are you?

Some would say that even if you aren’t fit when you start working in this job, it won’t be long before you get that way. However it does help to be fit and healthy in order to be a successful bricklayer. You will have to carry bricks, make up mortar and be happy about climbing up and down ladders as well. The higher the wall goes, the higher you will need to go to finish it off.

Would you mind getting wet in the rain or cold in the winter?

Bricklayers spend the majority of their time out in the elements. This means you will encounter all manner of weather conditions, and while you might sometimes be prevented from doing your work you will carry on in most cases. Of course if there is a heavy snowfall you won’t be able to do much. But most of the time you will carry on, so you must dress for it and be prepared to feel the cold.

You might say that having a real desire to be a bricklayer is the most important skill of all. But when you are out in the cold wet weather, building one huge wall from bottom to top, any thrill you have at doing the job can quickly disappear. Make sure you have the skills you need before diving in to do this job for the long haul.