What Skills Do I Need to Become a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists need to have certain skills in order to excel in this field. While many things can be learned – such as how to perform different massages for example – it helps to have some innate skills and abilities you can take with you into this field.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Massage Therapist?

You need to be good at working with your hands

Are you good with your hands? You should be, since they will be the tools you will use on a daily basis to perform all different kinds of massages. It isn’t just a case of providing a neck massage, a back massage or perhaps even a head massage.

It’s a case of knowing intuitively what kind of pressure to apply to get the best results and to give the client the best possible experience. It also helps to have smooth hands and strong hands, since the act of giving a massage can be rather tiring for the person giving it.

You must have excellent attention to detail

Being a massage therapist isn’t just about giving a wide variety of massages. It is also about focusing on the health of each person who comes to see you. You must always focus on discovering whether there are any contra-indications for the treatments you give.

Since massage therapy involves the use of oils and a wide range of other skin products, you must be sure that each person is able to use those oils without any adverse affects.

So if someone tells you they have eczema you should take note of this and provide products accordingly. Proper records should always be kept for each client, and this is where your attention to detail is so important.

You must study to get the required qualifications

Many of the skills you will have as a massage therapist will require you to take courses and pass the right qualifications.

Massage therapy courses teach you all the correct techniques for massaging, but they also teach you how to work with clients and use specific products in your daily work. You cannot practice as a massage therapist unless you are properly qualified, so you must be prepared to study for several months (perhaps a year if you are only studying on a part time basis) in order to get the qualifications you will need.

You must also be prepared to keep on learning and refining your skills. Most massage therapists find that they develop and hone their skills once they have got their qualifications and start working directly with their clients. This helps them to enhance their basic skills and it provides an opportunity to earn more money as well.

The better you get, the more you can earn, so don’t assume you have stopped learning if you do decide to take this career path and you successfully study for the qualifications you need.