What Type of Cleaner Will You Become?

There’s a world of opportunity in the cleaning industry, with a wide variety of cleaning jobs available too.

All the vacancies will span from general/domestic cleaning operative, to a dry cleaning specialist.

What Type of Cleaner Will You Become?

The great thing is that even if you can’t find job vacancies being advertised, and you really want to get a job in the field, you’ll never be short of places to canvass in your hunt for employment. Some places that will need the services of some sort from a cleaning professional, and/or offer trainee cleaner positions include:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Fitness clubs
  • Leisure facilities
  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Country parks
  • Museums
  • Dry cleaning services

Those types of establishments around your area will be enough to keep you busy canvassing for jobs, and before you know it, you’ll have a hot lead, with a follow up interview. The last thing a company is going to expect is for someone to put themselves forward to offer their assistance in helping them keep their facilities clean.

Employers know when the advertise a job vacancy for this type of position, they’ll be inundated with applications, eating into their time, so by taking a direct approach, you’ll find that you’ll be either be invited for interview, or the first person to call when they need some help.

The only thing you have to do is decide which type of cleaning service you want to provide.

A list of 8 types of cleaning jobs and descriptions of each

1.     Hospital cleaner

Working in a hospital, you will have a high degree of responsibility. You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the colour codes in place, so you can use the right equipment in the right area. This ensures there is high degree of risk management by preventing cross-contamination, playing a key role in infection control.

It is usually preferred for applicants to have experience, but there will be training provided, regardless if you have experience or not, so it’s open to all candidates interested in becoming a cleaner.

In hospitals, the cleaner is on the frontline of fighting infection, always working to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, eliminating bacteria that can cause ill health in patients, when the cleaning isn’t done effectively.

If you get an interview for this type of cleaning job, be sure that you play up the infection control aspect of the job, as that will ensure the hospital knows you’re interested for the right reasons, and not just there for a temporary job, while you continue searching for jobs in another field.

2.     Medical cleaning in health clinics

Similar to working in hospitals, there are going to be sick patients turning up at the doctors surgery. The same for clinics run by midwives, to monitor the health of infants, as well as prenatal parenting classes being run in clinics locally. All these facilities need a highly proficient cleaner to ensure a hygienically friendly environment, protecting public health.

3.     Garden cleaner

This is going to be more in line with maintenance work, rather than cleaning. You could find yourself trimming back hedges, grass cutting, watering plants, and scrubbing patios and pathways. At the worst, this type of cleaning job could see you cleaning up after the dog, which isn’t going to be a highlight of your career you’ll look forward too. That said though, there are cleaning companies that solely take care of the dogs mess, as a garden maintenance service.

4.     Window Cleaner

You may think that it’s easy to do this work, and perhaps not consider it due to others already offering services in your area, who work self-employed.

You need to consider the standard of service offered though. Anyone is able to clean windows, provided they have a licence issued from the local council, but it’s not every window cleaner that can leave windows sparkling clean and streak-free.

5.     Carpet cleaning/deep clean/steam cleaning

Every now and then we all experience little spillages on the carpet. Sometimes those spills turn out to be permanent stains.

Or are they?

Not to the specialist deep clean carpet cleaner, with the knowledge, equipment and solvents to penetrate deep into the carpet piles, lifting the stain to the surface and eventually removing it, leaving carpets fully rejuvenated and looking like new.

6.     Hotel cleaner/room attendant

This is where you’re going to be under tight schedules, as part of a cleaning crew. You’ll be allocated a certain amount of time, to clean a specified number of rooms, changing bed linen, vacuuming floors, polishing mirrors, mopping the floors, and doing everything to leave each room fully cleaned, creating the cleanliest environment that customers expect. In this demanding role, you will need to be organised, with all the tools you’ll need to hand, so that you can get around each room in a timely manner, without skipping any cleaning tasks.

7.     Housekeeping

Housekeeping jobs are often done privately, and they’re an ideal service to start your own cleaning business.

You may be surprised by the amount of time pressed people, needing help with some of the cleaning tasks they don’t find the time to do. Other clients may just prefer to bring in a professional to do their cleaning, because they simply find it too much of a chore and prefer not to do it themselves.

A welcoming break is to bring in a pro cleaner, giving them the better quality of life, without worrying about cleaning bathrooms, windows, or even the dreaded oven-cleaning chore.

8.     Buildings cleaner

A buildings cleaner will most often be required to work as a private contractor to a letting agency.

The job will involve the cleaning of houses, room-to-room, and top to bottom. The most typical service required in this type of cleaning job is with end of lease contracts.

A buildings cleaner will be employed to do a complete cleaning of the property, getting it ready for the next client to move in.

For those with the drive to become a cleaner, you can use the first list to identify potential employers in your area, and combine those with the types of cleaning jobs you’re seeking. With the combined knowledge of job types to potential positions, it won’t take you to long to get a start in the cleaning profession, ready to progress your career to whatever you aspire to be.