Why be a nurse? 5 Great Reasons

If you are considering becoming a nurse you may be asking yourself “why should I be a nurse?” When considering a new career you must consider both the pros and cons of the profession. Like with all jobs nursing has a few down sides such as the long and unsociable hours that you may have to work. Plus, as a nurse you may well have to deal with sad situations where patients do not make a recovery which can be emotionally draining.

However the advantages of being a nurse far outweigh any negative aspects. Below we have listed just five:

Why be a nurse? 5 Great Reasons

Why Be a Nurse?  Nurses are always in demand

Nurses are on the front-line of the NHS. Without the hard work and dedication that nurses put in the NHS would not run as smoothly and as such skilled nurses will always be in demand, even in times of recession when others are losing their jobs.

Why Be a Nurse? You can really make a difference.

You can improve the quality of people’s lives every single day. You will get great satisfaction from being a nurse knowing that you actions have had a direct impact on the well being of your patients.

Why Be a Nurse? Every day is different

Nursing is an exciting career! No two days are the same. You will always be meeting new patients who can present different problems and challenges – keeping your brain focused.

Why Be a Nurse? Nursing can be a flexible career

To be a nurse is to have career flexibility.  Working on a shift basis with shifts varying from 4 to 12 hours across weekdays and weekends can free you up to spend time with your family.

Why Be a Nurse? To be a Nurse can be financially rewarding

Nursing can be a rewarding – salaries can start from £19,000 and the opportunities for promotion or movement within the industry or to other related sectors are high. Senior nurses can earn in excess of £50k per annum putting them on par with bank managers and other senior professionals.

Overall nursing is a rewarding profession both in terms of remuneration and job satisfaction. So, if you have been asking “why be a nurse?” hopefully the above reasons will have helped you make up your mind.