Would You Be A Good Marketing Executive: Yes or No?

Before deciding to become a marketing executive, or aiming to climb the career ladder with the ambition of managing your own sales team, you should consider the skills you have, and your good and bad qualities.

There’s no point masking it, as we are all good at some tasks, and find other areas challenging. The trick is to know your best qualities, and what’s involved with a career in the marketing field, before you take on the relevant training, or work experience.

Would You Be A Good Marketing Executive: Yes or No?

The better you cope with the pressures of the job, with the motivation and desire to succeed, the easier it will be for you to climb the career ladder. Before that though, make sure you’re educated enough about what’s involved, before you go into the marketing profession.

Do you have what it takes to be a good marketing executive? Use the following questions to decide if you would be a good marketing executive or if it’s a job that you may not be cut out for.

1) Your Team

You are going to have a sales force at some point in your career, and you’ll be expected to motivate that team, inspire them and listen to the creative points of each individual you have working with you.

You may even be required to recruit team members yourself, and if so, you’ll need to identify key qualities in each member of your team, so that you are getting a diverse range of creative ideas, and not everyone on the floor thinking alike. That means you’ll have to be great at working with people, have an outgoing personality and excellent listening skills.

In marketing, there is no such thing as a bad idea. It’s part of the creative process for coming up with a marketing agenda. Therefore, if you’re critical in your responses, you may be de-motivating to your sales team, and in that respect you may not be cut out for becoming a marketing executive.

Creativity and team motivation, as well as encouragement to brainstorm are key components of a marketing executive, so if you’ve not got great listening skills, you won’t do too well.

2) Be Organised

As a marketing executive, you’re going to be required to run the marketing division of the company you work for efficiently. That means meeting deadlines, staying within budget and ensuring you get the best qualities from each member of your sales team. That’s going to require you to be organised in planning your days.

Perhaps having an hour a day with your team for brainstorming sessions or even just to manage the financial planning, and maintain the flow of marketing channels. Giving detailed briefing to your team about where your advertising is going to be done, so they know whether to aim for a reading audience, in a local newspaper, or listeners with radio advertising.

You will need to come up with marketing strategies, plan them out thoroughly and be excellent in communicating the marketing agenda with your team.

3) Your Motivation and Enthusiasm

Do you lack motivational qualities? If you do then you will struggle in this field. You have to be a firm believer in the company you work for. That means you’ll have to identify the best points of a product or service and take an enthusiastic approach to deliver a strong marketing message to consumers, to raise awareness of the product.

Lacking in either motivation or enthusiasm will de-motivate your sales team. If you’re struggling to motivate your team, they’re going to lack those same qualities and it will begin to grow negatively on your sales force.

You need to constantly inspire, motivate, and curb your enthusiasm towards the marketing of the company you’re employed with. The more you can work together with a group of diversified professional marketing consultants, the stronger and more creative your team will be, and that will help you be the best marketing executive you can be.

It may sound like it’s difficult but all you really need is an outgoing and friendly personality, to be able to drive your team forward, consistently inspiring creative thinking. This also means bringing your own creativity to the table as well.

4) Your Personality

As a marketing executive, you’re going to be dealing with conflict as part of your job role. If there are people on your team, who aren’t getting along it’s going to affect the workflow. Therefore, part of your planning should involve team-building activities.

The better your team get along with each other, the better they’ll perform on the job. You can structure team building into the workplace, or you can do this off the job, by organizing nights out, dinners, business lunches etc, but you are going to need to be relaxed and good at problem solving, for both business tasks and dealing with conflict within your team.

5) Customer orientated

To become the best marketing executive you can be, your aim should be towards the consumer and not satisfying the needs of your company first.

A company will employ a marketing executive to drive the sales up and increase the revenue. They rely on the creativity of the marketing force to deliver a strong marketing message to consumers in order to increase their revenue. This isn’t a career for the weak minded, who feel like as long as you can present the work you’ve done to your employers to a satisfactory level, you’ve done your job.

You can only do a good job by presenting real feedback of results you’ve achieved. That means putting the needs of consumers first and then conveying that to your employers and showing them that through thorough market research, this is the needs of the target demographic audience, and this is the message you’re conveying. You have to believe in that message and remain strong in your communication to both consumers and businesses, that you’re doing your job to the best of your abilities, with the needs of the consumer being your primary concern.

Can you develop the skills of a marketing executive?

Of course, you can! There are training courses you can attend, both managerial type courses as well as marketing orientated training.

What you will struggle to do though is change your personality. Some people are naturally good at dealing with people, excellent with organization skills, good with maths, therefore they’re able to perform well with any given budget. To become a marketing executive, you can train to develop your skills across a variety of tasks.

However when it comes to people management, it takes someone who is naturally good with dealing with people, resolving conflict as well as having an enthusiastic and outgoing personality, to drive the sales force behind the marketing department of any organisation you work with.

If you have a strong desire to succeed, the ability to stand up for the needs of consumers and deliver a strong message that upholds the vision of the company you’re representing, you will have what it takes to become a marketing executive. It’s a rewarding career for the right individual, however for those who struggle within a high-pressure environment, you may find it a position you will struggle in.

Your enthusiasm is also going to be pushed to the limits in the run up to a large media campaign, as your normal office hours, can become long days, as there’s a multitude of tasks will need handled. It’s all part of the job. After those long days is when you’ll finally see the rewards when a huge PR campaign is unleashed to drive the sales of business forward, and you begin to see the fruits of your labour unfold.